mental health issues

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    My mental health nurse suggested I try taking Clozapine. Has anyone taken this before & can you tell me about your experiences?
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    Need Advice Am Concerned

    Good morning friends. I've had no sleep all night since yesterday at 12PM when I woke up (Sept. 2nd) and I have a class that I'm still going to drag myself to in a few hrs. I've been up the whole night due to preoccupations regarding Hud/Sect. 8 and past legal issues. You see, I managed to get...
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    When things are tough-describe how you feel with a sentence...

    Hi all, I have closed the original thread in the chill out cafe and created two "describe how you feel with a sentence" threads. A new one in the chillout cafe and another in experiences. The aim of the chill out cafe has always been for some time out from mental health struggles and a bit...