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mental health awareness

  1. D

    World Suicide Prevention Day

    Today September 10th is Suicide prevention day. For any one that has felt suicidal or is feeling suicidal then i really do feel for you. I have been there on more than one occasion and definitely have the t-shirt. I couple of times i tried to take my own life. Thankfully i wasnt successful and...
  2. J

    Mental Health in the workplace

    Hi all, I did not know where to post this, but hope that some of you could help me if possible. I am working for a company in Worcester with a mental health initiative at the moment, and I am looking for some posters. I am not sure if I have made them up, but I was looking for a poster or set...
  3. spoon-racoon

    mental health stigma

    Next semester I'm planning on writing a research paper, and I'm gonna spitball a few ideas here to help my thought process. I feel an obligation to do something good with my life. I want my experience and ideas to make a positive impact on the world and I'm far away from reaching that goal...