mental breakdown

  1. A

    anxiety has ruined my life and i don't want to be alive.

    hey everyone, i've been doing very bad lately and think about dying constantly. i don't think i have the will to live anymore. if it wouldn't be any trouble, would anyone be willing to message me? i'm just so sad and scared. only one person in my life knows i feel this way and they won't talk...
  2. C

    hey, is this normal or could i possibly be bipolar?

    its something i wonder about occasionally. my best friend had bipolar (lets call her Rachel) and we got along so well. i would always say that she understood parts of me that nobody else did. and now recently my sister put herself in the mental hospital, theyre treating her for bipolar too. it...
  3. S

    Please someone help me :(

    Am new to the forums but somewhat glad I have come across this website. In fact, if I am being honest this is my first time sharing what I must go through every day. So, I am glad that I can at least let people know what I go through and just paint a vivid image in their head of my sad...
  4. L

    Mood Swings

    My mood swings are absolutely horrendous. I don't know how to control them properly. I always feel like I'm going crazy. My mom says that I'm a drama queen, and my sister treats me like I'm an idiot. I feel so unheard and misunderstood. I don't know what to do about it anymore. I need to go back...
  5. M

    Nervous breakdown

    My girlfriend had a nervous breakdown 3 and a half weeks ago she was Very distant that day (only 1 or two messages when usually we are constantly texting) since then she's been distant we text often but she won't meet and when she does agree to meet up she cancels last minute I've seen her twice...
  6. FrozenOtter

    Police & Ambulance

    Last night my friend was really worried about me as I was out in the dark so she called the police so I came back home as I knew if I was at home they couldn't 136 me, shortly after I got home the police arrived, they were really nice, they called for a ambulance, when they got here the police...