mental abuse

  1. J

    Am I a bad person or do I need help?

    In the past my partner has referred to me narcissistic and occasionally emotionally abusive, this got me looking to find help about these traits and attempting to find ways on improving my behaviour (less drinking, therapy etc) but I'm beginning to wonder if I am ill or if it's much worse than...
  2. M

    Relationship with parents

    Hi everyone, I am hoping to tell my story and see what everyone thinks about the situation and maybe try and figure out what’s going wrong and how I should deal with it. So - I am just about to turn 31 years old, I got married 8 months ago and purchased a house a year ago. I own my own business...
  3. R

    Mentally abusive sister

    My sibling fights with everyone all the time. She doesn’t work (left job 4 years ago), doesn’t help in house chores. She blames everyone else for whatever bad happens (even god). She constantly fights and screams at everyone in the house. We have been scared of her for the past 10 years now...