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  1. S

    Hey everyone

    Hey All, I just thought I'd introduce myself. Im Silent, Im on this group to seek guidance and to learn more on mental health. Im currently seeking a mental health person. Ive experienced , black outs, voices, memory loss, sensitivity. on a positive note I love horses and dogs. :)
  2. InfiniteRectangles

    Has Anyone Taken Vraylar?

    I've been on Vraylar for the past several months, and I've been having some issues, but my doctor just shrugs them off and says I'm fine. I've been having horrible akathisia, headaches, and I forget stuff constantly. My psychiatrist swears that the memory thing isn't related to the meds but I'm...
  3. D

    ECT and nothing

    feeling less of a man right now even doing this but i'm already low and can only go down yeah... bipolar. my diagnosis says 'severe' and they aren't kidding. it is severe because meds don't work, therapy doesn't work, the wards don't work. the last option they're suggesting is shock therapy or...
  4. The Owl

    Worried about Remembering.

    I'm so tired and I'm starting to forget things!!! Things that I used to remember in a flash! I know I'm getting older' (This makes me sound really old!) Is there anything that can help sharpen my brain and memory? Has anyone found a magic solution? :peace:
  5. Zardos

    A New Approach

    I woke up this morning about 6am to an extreme attack of anxiety... I was freaking out so bad I was seriously considering going to see my Gp... But when 8 o'clock came I decided to go to the shop first... All I got was four bottles of Coke.. I didn't need to buy anything else, the freezer still...
  6. D

    memory loss

    hi im new here , im suffering with bad memory loss which now is affecting my wife and i think shes using the fact . i dont get much support from any mental health teams for my bipolar .
  7. S

    Psychotic and Driving Myself Crazy(er)

    Recently I've had a flood of memories over things that I've done in the past. Mainly regarding people I've hurt both physically and emotionally. I want to reconnect with those people and apologize. The catch? I don't know if those things actually happened or not. I don't even know if I've...
  8. Zardos

    Blackout, Heatwave, .44 Caliber Homicide

    The bums drop dead and the dogs go mad In packs on the West Side For the last couple of weeks I've been trying and failing to get my sleep patterns under control... I've been trying to get to bed early so that I can get up early so I can do my shopping when theres no one around.. But instead of...
  9. A

    Blank minded & no feelings.

    In 2016 I had severe anxiety which led to panic attacks and one night I suffered a big panic attack and the next morning things were different I had woken up as a complete stranger to myself. I can't recall everything but I experienced a lot of symptoms one would associate with Depression. Lost...
  10. C

    My memory is ruining me..

    Hey guys, I'm a 23-year-old and I was wondering if anyone had similar memory problems. Basically, I have a quite good auditory and spatial memory but a horrible written and autobiographical memory. It became a serious problem during my college years. I would study for days, attend to all...
  11. C


    Does anyone else get blackouts where they have done something out of character? Since I have started to become well I have started to experience a few blackouts, I'm only aware of a few each year but it may be more as I only know its happened after I 'come round' and notice something is...
  12. J

    Memory Loss

    What are the Criteria When People Getting depression and Facing a Memory Loss Issues?
  13. N

    Intrusive thoughts about a real memory from childhood bothering me

    Hi all, My OCD centers around molestation basically, fear that I molested someone, fear that others, notably my dad and brother molested me etc. I was abused by a cousin. The ones that suck most are the ones about my dad, because I have no memory of him doing anything to me, or my brother...
  14. F

    Scrambled Thinking

    Hi, I have some issues with my thinking process that I find hard to articulate...but will give it a try: my thoughts are completely scrambled -- I'll be sitting trying to read or some other activity requiring concentration when a thought will pop in my head that references a memory from 20-25...
  15. J

    Questions about Klonopin

    I have been on Klonopin for 15 years. I started having panic attacks at the age of 25 and went to a psychiatrist and was prescribed to 2mg/day Klonopin. I increased my dosage due to Dr. recommendations and even went as high as 6 mg a day at one point. I've tried 7 different times over 15 yrs...

    What It Feels Like To Die

    It is inconceivable to the conscious mind that any other reality could possibly exist beside the Earth-world of matter bounded by time and space. We are used to it. We have been trained since birth to live and thrive in it. We know ourselves to be ourselves by the external stimuli we receive...
  17. P

    New psychosis documentary

    Link The Things I See Living With Psychosis 2017 720p - YouTube Really good! Im facinated how one of them had a false memory of giving birth! Enjoy :3
  18. L

    Self Help Website

    Hello guys! Anyone knows a website or websites with techniques or methods to cope with memory loss and other medication/illness effects? By the way, do you think memory loss is illness related or a medication side effect? And the lack of concentration also. What do you have to say? Thanks...
  19. L

    What to do?

    Hello, I'm 38 years old and I have been taking risperidone (3mg) and other medications for 18 years. I had 4 major episodes of psicosis, all of them when stoping the medication. Now I'm stable, I lost my closest family 3 years ago, I work (not a hard work) and I study. But I'm very confused...
  20. W

    Severe memory impairment after first extreme psychotic episode

    Ever since 2014 i had a major mental breakdown. police vans at house etc. locked in bathroom smashing everything thinking i was multiple people. I now cant remember people, faces, how to get to places i feel like my memory is utterly shot to pieces. anyone else got major memory loss?