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  1. N

    Greetings and Welcome Aboard to MHF, to New Members

    Hi New Members to MHF, for those who have joined this week, I should like to give a warm welcome now I couldn't individiually, because I am noticing every so often, we have another new member joining, to our new members who have joined and have posted with MHF this week. i'm afraid, I can't...
  2. L

    My First Ever Post!

    I have been very inspired by the posts I have been reading and the strength and supportive nature of the members of this forum. Am so glad to be part of this.
  3. manicstreetpreacher

    Just saying "Hello".

    First day on the forum and looking forward to having a good read and chatting to other members.:)
  4. U

    Is this BDP?

    I ended up long term relation with my girlfriend half a year ago. We are almost 40 years old. I could not go on because she very often had excesive emotional responses. She told me every day that she knew I did not love her. She was angry telling me I was lazy, not supportive, emotionless. She...
  5. G

    Hi, I'm fear almost every day :(

    Hello, dear members. I want to say that I'm with you who is suffering from something<3 My name is Alex and I'm 22, I'm from Russia so I will try to talk as good as I can. My biggest phobia is FEAR. By fear I mean that I'm afraid of contacting with people. If someone is talking with me I usually...
  6. B

    family members

    i hear my family members often. do you think this is possible or is it just a wrong state of mind. like noone can actually hear your thoughts. but ive been talking to the voices out loud because im so frustrated. its kind of ridiculous. but im working on making things quiet. it all depends on...
  7. G

    Sexual intrusive thoughts

    Hello, this is my first post on this site. And i was wondering if Im the only one who suffers from sexual intrusive thoughts when thinking about family members. I am not attracted to them, incest is repulsive to me, but whenever I think of them, since i miss them, my body reacts sexually...
  8. Nikita

    GP with Bi polar found dead-What do members think of this story?

  9. F

    Psychosis....out of my depth.

    Hi All I'm wondering if anyone can help. I run a social group and we have a few members with mental health challenges. One member, from what I understand, was sectioned a month ago due to a severe depressive episode. What followed was a psychotic episode that appears to be the member's main...
  10. U

    Guess I need to introduce myself...

    This is not my first mental health forum. I have tried a few others out. I did not like a lot of them. They were very cliquey, so it was the veterans of the forums that would stick together and all but ignore the new people. I am going to give these forums a go. They seem to be active which is...
  11. M

    Family members reactions to bdp

    People with BPD are prone to feeling angry at members of their family and alienated from them. On their part, family members often feel angry and helpless at how their BPD family members relate to them.[10] A study in 2003 found that family members' experiences of burden, emotional distress...
  12. cpuusage

    Focus on the symptoms instead of on the illness and solve the ‘schizophrenia’ problem

    Focus on the symptoms instead of on the illness and solve the ‘schizophrenia’ problem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9_fOWmqeIM Published on May 15, 2015 A Master Class with Professor Marius Romme This master class was held in the School of Nursing and Human Sciences, Dublin City...
  13. O

    Wife with OCD

    Hi Guys, Im new to all this forum stuff so I apologise if im in the wrong place. Im looking for some sort of advice I suppose on how to deal with my wifes OCD with cleaning the house. Its so bad its driving me insane! Myself and the children have no home life at all. She is a lovely girl when...
  14. M


    Family members?
  15. Kerome

    Thich Nhat Hanh on letting go

    Another cracking teaching from Thich Nhat Hanh which I wanted to share for those forum members who are this way inclined.
  16. chesterking

    Diary for Guests and Members - by ChesterKing April 2016

    This will be my new diary. Having too many pages, becomes too much.
  17. T

    Hi all I am looking forward to listening to advice and helping others were I can.

    Hi all I am looking forward to listening to advice and helping others were I can. Hi all I had a bad time last summer for a few months suffering with anxiety and ocd I have allways suffered lightly with these problems but last year it god worse, even though I have had treatment and I am allot...
  18. H

    Reason for my depression

    After my marriage(6 months before) paranoid thoughts start to come to my mind.im afraid when my wife talk to my father,brother and other people.even with her brother.now im taking risperidone 0.5 mg and luvox 100 mg.wwhich all eliminated my problem. still im worrying that why im afraid even with...
  19. cpuusage

    An Ethnography of Mental Health Care and Moral Agency

    Neely Laurenzo Myers’ Recovery Vanderbilt University Press, 2015, 192 pages “RECOVERY! GET IT, GET OVER IT, OR GET OUT!!!” –Vera Neely Myers’s beautifully written ethnography is a detailed look at one organization’s attempt to follow the Bush Administration’s 2004 unfunded mandate to make...
  20. D

    What does taking a family member taking there life, do to the other family members

    What does taking a family member taking there life, do to the other family members I'm interested to know how a suicide in the family (say a sibling), effected the lives of the other siblings / members of the family? For example, is there some sort of pattern as to say that when a sibling...