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  1. P

    Hello, new guy here

    I never know what to write on these things, guess I should introduce myself. I am a 25 year old PhD researcher at the university of Huddersfield. I work out 3-5 times a week and I like to play video games when I have the time. I was diagnosed recently with bipolar affective disorder, so that...
  2. C

    sending love across the forum!

    Hi! I have been a member here for a while and before that I read the forum without being a member, so i have a few years of following closely the forum and the lives of the posters! I do not have the energy to post much anymore but I do still read and care about my fellow MHF posters. I have...
  3. N

    Greetings and Welcome Aboard to MHF, to New Members

    Hi New Members to MHF, for those who have joined this week, I should like to give a warm welcome now I couldn't individiually, because I am noticing every so often, we have another new member joining, to our new members who have joined and have posted with MHF this week. i'm afraid, I can't...
  4. C

    Bipolar 1 new member

    Hello, I am a new member here. I was diagnosed in 2010 and have had 3 or 4 hospitalisations since. I tend to get very high but short mild lows. My highs tend to happen August to September. There has been a new addition, I’m self harming . This is as a tension release with no suicide intentions...
  5. BrianHorlicks

    Old New member.

    Hello! I used to be BrianHorlicks, Just popping in to see how everyone is doing.
  6. V

    Do you think it's possible...

    You can annoy someone so much that they would try to ruin your whole life: including a family member? Or; lie to you, use you and not care about the consequences because so many got something out of it?
  7. P

    New member

    Hey everyone. I'm a new member and struggle with depression and ptsd. I'm hoping this forum will help me sort through the daily issues I face. I'm a paramedic and dispatcher as well as raising 2 special needs children.
  8. S

    Hi Everyone . . . I'm New Member here

    Hi everyone! I'm new member. Here, I/'ll discuss my mental health issues with you people and try to get some guidance in this regard. Maybe I would be able to help others too. :low::low::low:
  9. midnightphoenix

    Returning member

    Hi I was a member here a few years ago but then stuff happened and I didn't visit for a while, just saying hi and that I'm back if anyone remembers me :)
  10. O


    Hi, another new member here, thanks for having me. Will be posting more about me in a separate thread very soon....
  11. D


    Hi. I am currently being subjected to a neighbour's aggressive paranoia. Please could any member advise me on how l should deal with this?
  12. A

    Today I told a family member

    I just wanted to share this with you. I've been really brave today and confided in a family member about how I am/have been suicidal lately. It was a really hard thing to do. We were catching up over a cuppa. I think they worry about whether they need to do anything/talk to anyone in my care...
  13. S


    New member writing
  14. H


    I'm new here. I don't have much to say. I usually just look up things on Google and I kept finding this site so I decide to join it. If anyone wants to know anything about me then they are more than welcome to ask me. I hope to be a great member of this community. If I'm doing anything wrong...
  15. N

    i am a new member

    hello everyone x
  16. L

    New member

    Sufferer of severe depression for many years
  17. D

    Relationship with family member is making me ill

    I hadn't seen them for a long time and then met up today and realised more than ever they really affect my mental health. I walked home and realised I was talking out loud about how I felt about them.! (Noone else was around) ;This is totally unlikely me when I'm with other people. I'm not...
  18. K

    New member, Excited to make connections!

    Hey there! New member here from the US. I'm female in my early 20s, lover of my pets, coffee, and video games. I spend my days watching probably way too many youtube videos and playing with my dog. I've dealt with mental health issues for as long as I can remember due to a few instances of...
  19. M

    new member.

    hello all,looking for help with anxiety and depression.
  20. Shana09

    Hi, I'm new here...

    I'm a 20 year old female with mental health problems and joined this site to find people that I can maybe "relate" to. I love to help people too