1. A

    Nottingham and Derby Support group

    Hi all, Im one of the organisers for a support group on the meetup website. We meetup with others often that find life quite tough. Come and join us all sometime!! Take care, Adam
  2. Toasted Crumpet

    Socialising with the "Normals"

    Went to my meetup group tonight, haven't been for ages. Got talking to someone about the elections, turns out she lives in my area, goes to a local gym not mine must be the expensive one. She believes that GPs should charge for visits and that people who have paid into the system should get...
  3. Death8699

    Feeling Pretty Crappy

    Yeah I just can't get motivated no matter how much I want that drive to come from within, I just feel flattened. Supposed to meetup with my friends tonight too. I'm going to have to force myself out of bed to get to meetup with them. I know that it's inevitable that some days are just like...