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  1. D

    Shamed during a 'conversation skills' session at work (NHS)

    Hi, hope you’re all doing as OK as you can! I had a pretty horrible experience today and I could use some perspective, apologies for rambling. I have spoken to my colleagues, who are as confused as I am regarding the whole thing. I feel that perhaps something was missed, or something not...
  2. P

    Greetings from California

    Hello, I am here because I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and PTSD many years ago. In the past few years my BD has become quite difficult to control. I'm here with the hope of meeting others who live with mental illness.
  3. J

    New to this

    Hello, I'm jeff. I will start in here first and will add another post in a forum to explain my stuff. Look forward to meeting and chatting to you all thanks.
  4. Tired Daisy

    Horrible letter from housing

    I just got a horrible letter from my housing office saying that they have set up a meeting which is next week to discuss my tenancy and that a tenancy check will be carried out on my property by some people from the council and the housing officer will be attending along with the tenancy...
  5. P

    stressful situations

    Was in a meeting at work today with a few people and one got very defensive and aggressive and shouting. Lately I’ve been really struggling to deal with confrontation and I have to walk out. It’s too much for me. It’s the second time I’ve left a meeting because of this reason. And I’m...
  6. J

    My Neighbour Is Driving Me Insane

    The floor above my flat/apartment is terrible and I've had problems with 2 previous neighbours up there but nothing like I'm having with the third one who moved into upstairs in February 2018. He's keeping me awake almost every night. Wednesday night/Thursday morning he had an overnight party...
  7. I

    Hey everybody, thanks for having me :]

    Hey! I've never properly talked to anybody else with problems similar to mine, so this could be strange. My friends and family never know what to say and it's not the same talking to professionals so looking forward to meeting everybody. :sorcerer:
  8. C

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the Mental Health Forum! My name is Crystal Rose and I'm from Canada. I'm looking forward to posting here and meeting the other forum members. best regards, Crystal Rose :flower2:
  9. R

    meeting to discuss advocacy

    advocate is meeting me in the library fri, i'm a bit concerned i feel uncomfortable arguing that i'm a deserving case. mad enough, in a public place with potentially people listening in appears i'm a risk and therefore he can't see me in my flat, but that won't stop him refusing help given a...
  10. G


    Hi, am new here.. was dx w Sz many yrs back but have since gone off meds on my own and stay off. My bro was also dx w sz the year I was off it. Nice meeting u I was originally from mental earth but don't know what happen that it's gone. :(
  11. F

    CPA review meeting

    I am really interested to know if anyone has attended a CPA review meeting and what happens and who will be attending this meeting. I also wondered if I could be discharged at this meeting. I have not been to one before so I am a bit apprehensive.
  12. F

    Drinking instead of eating?

    I'm new here so huge apologies if this has been done before but (and feel free to delete if it has) but has anyone found that following an ED (bulimia here for 5+ years) that there seems no chance of ever meeting a partner again? I know I had issues before so I'm not completely oblivious to this...
  13. Q

    I Go To My Local Bipolar Group But I Just Keep On Putting My Foot In It All The Time.

    I Go To My Local Bipolar Group But I Just Keep On Putting My Foot In It All The Time. I have Aspergers Syndrome and I am very socially isolated and the only living creature I spend any time with is my dog. I talk to some of my family and I have no friends. I have completely lost any social...
  14. P

    Just saying hi..

    Hi everyone, just joined.. I have suffered with depression for a very long time and GP says PTSD.. I'm not really great at talking about myself but am always ready to help others if I think I can. Looking forward to meeting you all.. :hi:
  15. cpuusage

    Your Brain Isn't a Computer” It's a Quantum Field

    Your Brain Isn'''t a Computer — It'''s a Quantum Field | Big Think "The irrationality of how we think has long plagued psychology. When someone asks us how we are, we usually respond with "fine" or "good." But if someone followed up about a specific event — "How did you feel about the big...
  16. Tired Daisy

    I'm worried about myself

    I'm not sure how I should word this.... I've been getting addicted to Craigslist and meeting Tgirls for casual sex and I can't stop myself and I'm worried I'm either going to end up getting into dangerous situations because I don't know who they are and some of the meeting places are very dodgy...
  17. N

    Meeting brother's girlfriend's parents for first time - slightly nervous/anxious

    Meeting brother's girlfriend's parents for first time - slightly nervous/anxious Hi everyone, I'm fine now, earlier this morning, I was feeling most anxioius, regarding that parents, brother and myself, together with his girlfriends parents shall all be joining up for the first time, following...
  18. C

    Starting a group in Quebec

    Hi, my name is Carl and I'm trying to start a group in french. I would like to know how a hearing voices meeting look like. Do you have readings, in what way is the meeting structured, do you have recommended literature ? Thank you, Carl
  19. I

    so stressed and worried

    Hi I'm just not coping at work I constantly go in and assume I'm.gonna told off for summit everyday or critized I try my best but I feel like ikma failiyre nor meeting deadlines and that I'm gonna get in trouble all the Time etc and that everyone thinks I'm stupid
  20. R

    Ride The Spiral To The End....

    Hi everyone, I've been a lurker here for a long time but just wanted to drop by to finally introduce myself. I will put together a full story later today once I've convinced myself to get up and do something but I look forward to meeting you all soon xx