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  1. M


    Hello,everyone.i'm a new member here.i just wanted to introduce myself.i'm Misshelle.it's nice to meet all of you.
  2. D

    Celebrity Crush/Obsession

    I am not really sure where celebrity obsession falls on this forum. This is my first post. I have had celebrity obsessions since I was like 12. They are always one at a time and the current one that I have is so bad. I have gone down the rabbit hole and I can’t get out. He is not very well known...
  3. R

    how ill am i some thoughts

    i'm ill emough that the majority of women avoid me, i'm ill enough that when i work i'm considered unfit due to illness. whether i meet the benefit systems definition of illness, how many do? I am getting a certain level of benefits on grounds of illness, i'm not on job seekers allowance, i'm...
  4. J

    Social anxiety

    Hi everyone. I came to this forum to meet people who understand what I am going through. I've had social anxiety for years and recently I have started to feel lonely, I find it hard to meet new people so I don't really have any friends.
  5. Bernardos

    Hey Now.

    Hi I'm Bernardos and i'm suffering from various things,anxiety,chronic depression,eating disorders,ocd...personality disorders,but other than that i'm in perfect shape :innocent: Haven't been on messageboards in awhile,thought maybe was nice to meet some good people and share thoughts and...
  6. S

    hello. I'm new

    Nice to meet everybody
  7. Q

    What is up?

    I'm Q, come by and say hi. I'm here to introduce myself ! It's nice to meet you all.
  8. I

    Hello everybody.

    I am a patient from Poland suffering from a menthal disease. I have been diagnosed with schisophrenia since 2003. Although I am a foreigner and English is not my mother tongue, I believe that mentalhealthforum.net community will accept me and that I will be able to make friends over here and to...
  9. D

    What does it mean when you dream of a person you want to meet

    that you hung out with them and met them in you dream but have not in person yet In real life you asked a person you know to help you meet him but hasn't happen yet. but the person been busying could this mean you will meet the person in real life ?
  10. Ivory_NK

    Anyone with psychosis/schizophrenia

    want to meet for coffee or something? maybe a few of us get together? im in waltham forest area
  11. D

    Hi everyone, I'm New and thought I'd Introduce myself

    I would like to say Hello everyone. People call me L (a nickname Ive been given for years) I'm 24 and a sufferer of EUPD (Or BPD, which after only been diagonised with) and generalized Anxiety and Depression. I'm a gamer and music lover :). I came to join this forum to meet and talk to new...
  12. S


    Hi, I'm new to this, and this is the first time I'm openly admitting to anyone (computer or not) that I'm probably not 100% with my mental health. I'm the typical person of overcompensating with my happiness and always come across as funny and the life of the party, but I struggle with being...
  13. B


    i am john i am a professor but not a real one i am nuts about myself and i want to be a professional health officer but cant because i am already nuts about everyone i ever meet so am i going insane or crazy or just plain professional X

    Cultivating a warm hearted attitude towards everyone

    It is tiring and miserable to view people in a hostile manner all the time. I am thinking it is better to cultivate compassion for everyone. I do believe everyone has goodness in them. Don't you find that when you meet someone who is warm hearted - you really love their company. It is a...
  15. E

    Hi Everyone! I'm new here -- name's Ellie77, glad to meet you!

    Just saying "hi" to all -- hope to make some new friends and to be a friend, too! :hug:
  16. T

    New friends?

    I imagine this isn't allowed but.... I'm looking for friends, pen pal or just someone to talk to. I have bpd and I don't know anyone who suffers with the same. I know this may seem dumb. I'd just like someone to talk to. Feeling very alone but im too frightened to put myself out there and...
  17. Guy12182

    Starting Over/New Friends/New People

    PEOPLE People, people need people in their lives, people depend on people,people want to love people I am a people. Well, I've been here a few days now. I've released some things from my life. And the word people came to my mind. I'm gonna be starting over my life at 56. I'm going to be...
  18. N

    Stupid causes of depression

    As bad as my life seems in family, love, work or friends I never start a depression cycle because of a serious problem. It's like if I didn't care about important things but then if I meet with people I see every day and they cancel it in the last minute or we meet but it goes really wrong I...
  19. jojo94

    I'm new here

    Hi I'm Jojo I'm 24 and I'm new here. Nice to meet you all x
  20. B

    Hi people!

    Hey what's up, I'm new here. I came here for support and for suggestions and help with my OCD, anxiety, and depression. Nice to meet everyone.