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  1. L

    At a loss...

    Does any one else experience anxiety around their partner? Sometimes when he’s away I feel fine. I don’t have anxiety. I still have these thoughts about if I love him or not. I still have compulsions. But I sometimes want him to go away so I can not have the anxiety and obsessions I have around...
  2. A

    I just got meds and I'm scared and angry

    I was gonna write this long winded story about what's going on, but I ran out of energy. And I think this is something I wanna do so I decided to make it quick. I am 23yo she/her college graduating senior. I have situational depression, and panic disorder that was diagnosed 2 weeks ago. I hate...
  3. I

    Wellbutrin, Lamictal, Remeron for BP2?

    Hi all! I was recently correctly diagnosed as BP2. My Dr. put me on 200mg Wellbutrin SR, 100mg Lamictal, and 15mg of Remeron at night. I've been on this new combo for a week. All meds before were the same except the Wellbutrin. Prior to this, I was on Effexor. My depression was horrible for...
  4. Lostinthestatic

    Any meds that actually help you?

    I realize that most/all meds prescribed would be to treat comorbid illnesses such as anxiety and depression, as there are no “bpd meds”. I have fairly severe anxiety, which often makes it hard to believe logic when I’m so intensely panicking. I find that marijuana grounds me sometimes to be...
  5. D

    I wish I knew how to help her..

    Hi, My name is Sean, and my girlfriend of 15 years has bipolar disorder, she also hearing things and seeing things, too. I'm not sure what the official diagnosis is, sorry. She was violent and unpredicable when she wasnt on her meds. But she's come a long way. Despite a messed up...
  6. P

    New bipo in town

    I've been diagnosed only months ago with bipolar affective disorder. I am on meds and am taking them regularly. I dont feel much of a change in my behaviour as of late. I did notice that I am a bit calmer now. What are you're experiences with your disorders? I could use an outside perspective.