1. nomask

    Disabled person with multiple diagnoses here for mutual support!

    Hello. I've been looking for communities to feel safe around, and came across this one. I've had mental illness all my life and also developmental issues. Anxiety has always been a big problem for me. At a young age, I got diagnosed with OCD, GAD, MDD, and PTSD. Pdocs have always only really...
  2. S

    Meds & anger issues

    Hello there, just looking for advice on meds as nothing seems to be working for me. I’ve been depressed since I was 17 but could always cope, distract myself or snap out of it. Last year Jan 2018 I finally gave in & saw the dr, was put on Mirtazapine but that meant I couldn’t sleep. Setraline...
  3. P

    Olanzapine side effects

    I started taking Olanzapine about six weeks ago to help with anxiety, OCD, anorexia and depression. I have definitely been having the side effect of drowsiness but I have also developed swelling / fluid retention in my feet. Swelling / fluid retention can also be an effect / sympton of anorexia...
  4. Lostinthestatic

    Any meds that actually help you?

    I realize that most/all meds prescribed would be to treat comorbid illnesses such as anxiety and depression, as there are no “bpd meds”. I have fairly severe anxiety, which often makes it hard to believe logic when I’m so intensely panicking. I find that marijuana grounds me sometimes to be...
  5. BillHLovespoll

    Is sertraline worth a shot?

    Hi, I have been extremley depressed and anxious for the last 3/4 months, i have tried hypnotherapy, talking to doctors, eating healthy and nothing seems to give me comfort if anything my depression/brain fog has got worse, i am anxious everyday of my life, i get serevely depressed to the point...
  6. L


    Heeeey, I suffer from Bipolar Disorder type I and I have never been able to get my symptoms under control by medication prescribed for my Bipolar even after being tried on a handful of different pills! I was prescribed pregabalin about 2 months ago to treat my pain in my face caused by nerve...
  7. D

    20mg Paroxetine - is it safe?

    Can anyone who has been on Paroxetine or is currently on Paroxetine tell me about your experience taking it? Or anxiety medication in general? My boyfriend was prescribed 20mg Paroxetine for anxiety. The initial reason he went to see the doctor is due to a pain in the left side of his chest...
  8. S

    Bipolar and Relationships

    Good Day everyone. I was diagnosed 13 years ago today with Bipolar I and II or as the doctor called Mixed. I was 20 and now 33. My symptoms were extreme. I was hospitalized for a year due to the extreme symptoms I had. For the first little while, the meds had very little effect on me. The dosage...
  9. Prismere

    Question About Treatment, Sort Of

    Would any of you trust a physician assistant to prescribe you meds? I was in a partial hospitalization program and the psychiatrist there prescribed me Seroquel. Now that I'm out I was set up to see a physician assistant to continue my medication treatment but I really do not trust them treating...
  10. C

    I feel guilty for getting better

    Hello everyone, So I have/had a pretty severe anxiety disorder that reached its peak just over a year ago, essentially I constantly felt like I was dying and there was nothing I could do about it and I was going to drop dead any second, on top of this I had all the classic health anxiety and...
  11. R


    I have never felt so alone in my life as I do right now.My depression is suffocating me and wherever I reach for help I meet a dead end.I am so tired of feeling like this and I feel I will never get better. In my mind I know I should get up go for a walk or some other activity but then I tell...
  12. FunkTheFear

    Sedating meds and a night out

    If you take daily meds in the evening that more or less knock you out, when would you take them if you were on a late night out? I've got a hen party to go on in a couple of weeks and we won't get back til 3am :nod2: just take it when I get in and sleep in late is what I'm thinking?
  13. S

    Hello I am new

    I really dont want to give out my name but I have been suffering from EUPD for over 30 years now and as I am getting older I am becoming worse. I also am prone to taking overdoses of pills and self harming which is not good. I am on 14 different medications half of which are for sleep but sadly...
  14. C

    At a loss

    Hi I am new here and I joined because nothing seems to have worked and I don't know what to do next. I'll sort of tell you my story I guess: So basically I have a huge set of interconnected anxieties about anything and everything you can think of since I was a child e.g. work, health, sexual...
  15. A


    Hey, my psychiatrist proposed to lower my meds but I'm scared not to feel alright anymore if she does this because I have in mind that this good feeling comes from the meds and not from me. What should I do? Am I right when I say that meds can make a person feel better in his shoes?
  16. M

    Cold turkey

    So I have come of all my meds for a week now.. I feel utterly rubbish and emotional. Im tired of taking meds all the time and all the side effects. Everyone thinks this is a bad idea and I will crash and burn no one has faith that I can beat this illness without meds. I just feel alone.
  17. L

    Emotional intensity limit?

    Greetings! I’m newish and working on getting myself sorted out. I found this forum while hunting for anyone with a similar experience - didn’t find it though - so now I’m asking :) As a bit of background, I just sort of see myself as “unspecified unknown brand of crazy of indeterminent origin”...
  18. O

    Its weird writing about yourself, right?

    Hey there, So…. I have recently discovered that I have suffered with anxiety and depression for about 10 years without even realising it. After hitting breaking point, I have now started taking medication in order to help deal with this after years of not telling anyone. This medication was not...
  19. S

    Bi polar

    Do you need to advise DVD’s whether or not on meds
  20. B

    I don't know if i should take meds or not?

    I am being treated for bipolar 2 an d i was prescribed Divalproex. I've been really bummed lately cause i really don't want to take any meds at all. I took them for 2 weeks and i got a little out of my funk but i missed an appt with my doc on accident and because it was the 4th missed appt (i...