1. T

    Advice before Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Hi there, I have been suffering with anxiety for around 12 years (on and off; now in my late 20s) and I’m currently in a dark place again (e.g constant feeling that my anxiety/stress has taken its toll on my body and I’m going to have a heart attack/stroke/cancer; made worse when I work or...
  2. fazza

    Pip no medical paper based application

    Well here's the thing. My claim for pip has gone through. I received a letter telling me that I did not need a face to face and the decision maker has all of the information. I have looked through pages and pages of info on the net and can't really tell if this is good news or not. I am now...
  3. J


    I was diagnosed with a personality disorder in my teens that I don't have. I'm 40 now. At the time I was diagnosed, I did have symptoms, which went away completely within a month of the bitchy psychiatrist (who I only saw once) diagnosing me based on a difference between my version and the...
  4. W

    And you thought it was the assessors lying in your PIP medical report

    SNP MP hits out at DWP 'health report tampering' | The National
  5. P

    i wished i never taken clozapine....

    back in august, i had a clozapine induced priapism which i did not treat...i was too embarrassed to seek a medical emergency..... now i don't have erections anymore...can't afford ED drugs right now.. about in april i quit using that drug when my heart felt like it was about to burst.....i...
  6. C

    old boyfriend thoughts: is this anxiety or depression?

    Forgive me if this rambles... I fell in love for the first time when I was in college. Things didn't work out with us. I ended it because he didn't seem that into me. But all these years later, (and several relationships later and i'm currently married- have been for 18 yrs) I still think...
  7. N

    Looking at clinical notes?

    I have had major concerns my care team are keeping secret folders on me, this gets worse when I become unwell and it manifests into one big conspiracy against me. My community nurse arranged for all my NHS folders to be shipped to the community learning disability office, All 8 of the folders...
  8. T


    I’ve suffered with depression for 40 years and have never asked for help. I am scared of going to the doctors about it as I don’t want it on my medical records. Is there a way of getting support without it going on your medical record
  9. C

    I really can't go on

    I really can't go on. I have been verbally abused by medical professionals my stepmum. I feel I have been left defenceless to put my voice across.
  10. P

    Scored 15 points and put in wrag

    Hi people i went for a ESA medical 30/7/2018 and got letter through saying i have been put from the support group to WRAG group. i am very anxious about this whole thing (working life is what ruined me) i have already asked for a breakdown of how they came to this conclusion and there is one or...
  11. S

    medical research

    Hi, I’m thinking of selling my brain for medical research. Reckon I could probably get at least a fiver for it; it’s quite damaged😱 Any buyers?
  12. P

    Freedom Pass

    Hi Everyone, would really appreciate some advice . I’m currently on , quetiapine, sertraline, busiprone and zopiclone, I see a psychotherapist weekly and Dr has given me a letter saying I can’t drive because of mental health ( depression, anxiety, OCD ) and my meds. Was told to inform DVLA and...
  13. J

    ESA work capability questionnaire

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for advice as I’ve just received a letter from the DWP requiring me to fill in a work capability questionnaire. I am in the work related activity group and have been since 2013 but haven’t had to go into the JC for any interviews since then. I’m so worried as I know I’m...
  14. K


    I'm not sure if I should attend my esa tribunal or just do a paper decision I'm on esa for anxiety and depression and suffer really bad I got no points at my medical and I'm terrified of loosing my benefit any advice would be great 😊
  15. M

    ESA Medical Looming

    The dreaded ESA call for a medical arrived today for early Jan I have been in the ESA support group for several years I am 61 and suffer from BLPD. I have had all the help I am going to get from my local mental health team, and my Doc though lovely and supportive does not really get involved...
  16. M

    Just needing to vent

    Hi I have some mental health issues at present and can’t seem to get the help I need. I’ve been to the CMHA crisis centre and they helped me with getting counseling from my EAP ( employee assistance program) I was on short term until they said I had to get a medical assessment with either a...
  17. J


    Got diagnosed 3 years ago started treatment and stopped. Travelled and worked abroad and have had no problems. But new job wants a medical fitness report. What would be the process to get this so I can get the job?
  18. C

    New may need guidance

    I am trying to figure out what forum I need to post on, i have a couple things that are causing me problems. First is my irrational fear of drinking water, which is causing me medical issues, i am not stupid but the anxiety I have is real, but the problems it's causing is also alarming and real.
  19. R

    Am i having serious anxiety symptoms? Advice appreciated

    I had my first panic attack 8 days ago. I was checked out at hospital and they came to conclusion that it must have been a paic attack. I fell to the floor in a shop couldnt breathe, whole body had pins and needles and my eyes felt like they were moving side to side very quickly. I literally...
  20. supergreysmoke

    Paranoid rage

    Don't get it often, two or three times year for this symptom, sometimes I think it is to do with how my family have been towards me, ostraziation and a general lack of understanding/insight...same with doctors and medical professionals. Think there's been studies done show medical staff go for...