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  1. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Does anyone else see tiny mechanical spiders?

    I see mechanical spiders that crawl down my arm into my food. They look like the hand of the "other mother" in the movie coralline. I know many people would argue that its triggered from the film. I just saw the film a month or two ago. Ive been seeing these mechanical spiders for many years now.
  2. P

    SOS! I'd love some advice.

    I'm really sick of feeling like this, and I'm desperate for some help. I'm currently on anti-depressants which seem to work okay, but only when I live like a robot- Work, eat, home. Going out, seeing friends, or god forbid having feelings for someone always ends up with my mental state...
  3. V

    Life after a psychosis episode

    Hi, At 7 months postpartum - I developed psychosis. It was more of a situational - with my in-laws intentionally torturing me mentally. I saw a psychiatrist and a counselor. They didn't prescribe me any meds. I am living fine without meds. The persecutory fears I had have almost vanished. But...
  4. R

    Something's wrong with me- 24 yrs old

    Hi. I'm 24yrs old- mechanical engineer. Graduated last year. I'm from india, and currently working with my dad in a family business. I'm afraid i may be having a bi-polar disorder. But i'm not sure. It starts in the morning. Sometimes when i wake up, i'm irritated and bugged. And then the...