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  1. N

    A House at home Problem/Anxiety Attack!

    HI all, I'm finer now. Earlier on this afternoon, and we had somewhat of a problem, of pipe flowing out water, and out of the downpipe, at my home. Now in the meantime, ha, and being me as usual, I worry just a tad too much, if something like that could occur, and which it had, suddenly...
  2. S

    I don't think I'm getting all the help I need.

    I have suffered from depression and anxiety for 2 years now, I was taken off medication that was working for me about 9 weeks ago and was only recently put back on it. My depression is at an all time low but I can cope with it. The issue now is my treatment team believe I am suffering from...
  3. keepsafe


    they are sending me to a dizzyness clinic meantime (just had it now - passing though) they won;t give me anything for it just in case it masks my symptons a bloody pain in the ass makes me sick and also very faint. I have stuff to do you know can hardly see the keyboard. I hate all this its...
  4. S


    Bmi now [moderated]. I can't be this huge waste disposal unit, I feel so tiny. Humiliate myself. Waiting for help, meantime I'm struggling to get through this. BED is nasty, I just wish it could be better understood as the slow isolating death it is.
  5. N

    Knee and calf Lower Leg Pain problems (again, possibly rhemuatism)

    Hi all, Physical fitness wise, I'm unwell at the moment, with a what has been a very painful knee area and calf lower left leg. I have placed a rubbing on cream onto the affective areas, and I have not long taken a paracetamol dose. i cannot see, for the moment, I'll be working out in class...
  6. C


    Hey all. My phone been fucked (smashed it when drunk!) Getting new Nokia lumia next week. Apologies if I go quiet in meantime!! Hope you're all keeping ok
  7. R

    Illness impact on family.

    I'm 31 and was living in London independently and was on a low level antidepressant and was more or less happy. Then 8 months ago out of no where I got this horrific anxiety and depression and had something of a breakdown and couldn't cope on my own. I had to come up to Yorkshire to live with my...
  8. A

    Be gentle, it's my first time.

    Hello, I am a 31 year old Irish male who was diagnosed with BPD 18 months ago. I belive I have been suffering from it for 16 years and it has pretty much held my whole life up. Despite the amount of time I spend on internet forums(or fora?), I have never used either to assist with my problems...
  9. F

    Anxiety and Panic

    Hi All. I've had to come home from uni today after suffering the longest bout of panic / anxiety I've ever experienced. It started totally out of the blue with me feeling a bit too hot and spiraled from there. My heart was racing, I felt sick and I was terrified that something awful was about to...
  10. B

    In Limbo, Need Advice.

    A couple of weeks ago I was diagnosed with BPD. I am not on any medications and I was informed that it would be in my best interest to undergo DBT therapy, which I agreed to. My next appointment isn't until the end of January because it's the holidays, and I'm sure many of you know that...