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  1. N

    Not diagnosed but...

    I've been battling depressive and suicidal thoughts for the past 4 years now. My arms are scarred to hell and I've come close to ending it all on multiple occasions. I've rarely been truly happy over this period of time, often faking it to a point where I don't think I have anyone is actually...
  2. P

    opinions on what happened please

    What you are going to read is going to sound rather childish, but i could do with opinions please. So me and 2 of my friends went to a party last night. Friend 1 is like one of my best friends and friend 2 is her GF. So anyways, we went to a party and had a fab time, we decided we were going in...
  3. M

    Feeling so on edge after seeing new therapist

    So I saw a psychologist last week to work out the issues surrounding my comfort eating. The session itself went ok, I felt as if I could open up to her. We spoke about the difficulties I've been having with my pdoc. and a few of my life experiences. It was the end of the session that really...
  4. R

    Something's wrong with me- 24 yrs old

    Hi. I'm 24yrs old- mechanical engineer. Graduated last year. I'm from india, and currently working with my dad in a family business. I'm afraid i may be having a bi-polar disorder. But i'm not sure. It starts in the morning. Sometimes when i wake up, i'm irritated and bugged. And then the...