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  1. A

    I think MDMA might have given me GAD but I'm not sure.

    Hey, I'm really sorry if this is the wrong place to put this, it just didn't feel appropriate to put it in the substance abuse section and that was the only forum I could find with drug-related problems so I hope it's okay to post it here, otherwise please direct me to a better place haha. Since...
  2. K

    Seratonin syndrome or panic attack?

    Right so im 18 year old male and on the previous saturday (25th) i took mdma and after i smoked weed (which ive smoked for the past 6 months) to help with the come down after. I heard that 5-htp is supposed be good to take after md to reduce the comedown so about a week later on the Thursday i...
  3. S

    I just dont know what to do?

    Hello guys so i am sorry if i am not allowed to talk about this on here but for the past couple of months i have abusing a certain drug called MDMA now i noticed about 5weeks ago that i was starting to feel like absolute shit, i was depressed everyday, wanted to cry for no reason could not sleep...
  4. Kerome

    Alexander "Sasha" Shulgin

    Interesting guy who was very much into the psychiatric uses of psychedelics and MDMA. Alexander Shulgin - Wikipedia There was a National Geographic documentay called "Psychedelic Underworld" which had some fascinating background on how these drugs were originally used by psychiatrists to...
  5. T

    My fiance had his drink spiked & is now suffering psychosis! HELP!

    Hi everyone, I would love to get some advice from people who have perhaps experienced something similar. Back in August my fiance was drugged with MDMA (apparently) but someone in his soccer team who thought it would be funny - it wasn't! My fiance has never done drugs before and fell into a...
  6. M

    Do I have PTSD?

    To begin with I will give some background information about myself. I am 18, male, and for the past year and a half have been experimenting with a wide range of drugs including Psylocybin mushrooms, cocaine, MDMA and many others. Looking back the main reason for my excess drug use was mostly...
  7. ReddishOfRed

    This is on now and tomorrow night,

    Channel 4, Clinical trials documentary for MDMA / ecstasy for depression / PTSD, etc......
  8. maxitab

    New Treatment for PTSD

    Hi. Has anyone been following the rather sensational news on PTSD and MDMA? Dr M Mithoefer from Sth Carolina has some pretty revolutionary stuff to say about it. You can read the article on Times Online. I have BPD and still have difficulty with unresolved PTSD because I can't 'debrief' the...
  9. D


    Any bp's out there do mdma? I broke the manic coke habit a while back - not good for us. Used to to do e back in the day but have now got into mdma to both regulate my highs and stave off the lows. I just read that they have just completed trials of PTSD war veterans and after giving them MDMA...