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  1. Midnight.Panda

    Porn addiction

    This is really embarrassing to talk about, but I am really concerned about how much porn I watch and how much I masturbate. I honestly think it's all a distorted way of dealing with stress/sadness and getting a temporary feeling of happiness. In fact, I sometimes feel guilty and even disgusted...
  2. P


    Does anyone have a life of shame? I'll try not to explain too much detail, but since i was 18 (62 now), i'll had to cope with it. When the shame began, it was like in a matter of only 3 days time. I just hit me like a sunami. My mind became flooded with very vivid and explicit sexual thoughts...
  3. S

    masturbation guilt

    Hello, I am a 22 year old boy. I have been struggling with some problems regarding porn and masturbation for about 10 years. When I was 12, at a confession at church, I told the priest that I had masturbated. He told me that I shall stop immediately or else it would be very bad for me. This has...
  4. B

    Fear/masturbation addiction/social anxiety/spiritual path unknown/I just want to be happy.

    Fear/masturbation addiction/social anxiety/spiritual path unknown/I just want to be happy. Hi, it's the second time I post here on the forums, the first time I was talking about how I wanted to change my career from an architectural engineer (still a student) to a doctor or a police officer; in...
  5. bert tomato

    Not interested in a 'relationship'

    It seems to be a national obsession. Have a relationship and the world will be pretty and fluffy. TBH women have not done much for me in my adult life, they have caused me a lot of stress and generally have wasted my time. So really only primal urges get me going. The general insecurity over...