1. valleygirl

    Living With the Scars

    I don't SH on a daily or even weekly basis. For me, SH happens in conditions of extreme stress and emotional distress. Sometimes I do it because I am angry with myself and feel like I deserve it; other times it's to get some relief from the intensity of emotions I am feeling. The problem is...
  2. amathus

    Managing Stress ~ Tips

    How many tips can we come up with which may help us manage stress.... Here's some for starters: 1 Meeting a friend for a drink. 2 Set aside 10 minutes a day to relax and collect my thoughts. 3.Watching late night TV debates that deal with the realities of the world. 4. 4.Listening to relaxing...
  3. C


    Malvern - Beacon clinic complementary health centre Beacon Clinic-Malvern Beacon Clinic Portland Road Malvern Worcestershire WR14 2TA 01684893393 'The Beacon Clinic is a complementary health centre in the West Midlands, founded by Drs Martin and Sue Allbright. Both Martin and Sue have a...
  4. C

    North Somerset/Avon

    North Somerset FRIEND- Community Mental Health Resource Centre FRIEND (North Somerset) Ltd. 39 Oxford Street Weston-Super-Mare North Somerset BS23 1TN Tel: 01934 622292. Drop-in Weston-super-Mare Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12.00 to 16.00 Please contact W-s-M Centre Worker, Caroline...
  5. C

    I think I'm having delusions . . .

    I think delusions plays a big part in my life . . Ever since I was a kid, I knew something is different from me compare to other people like I'm not normal compare to others (See that, now that is one fucking delusion! but really, I felt something is different to me compare to other people...
  6. A

    run away..

    Ive decided im running away. Im saving money and going to alberta with my son, brother , cousin, and her daughter . Im sick of life and want something fresh. Im looking imto massage therapy course up there to get into . I really need this .
  7. G


    Hi I am new to this forum. I am a 49 yrs. old female. I have worked from the age 0f 17 doing various jobs. I enjoy reading ,woodcarving ,tapestry, massage, Indian head massage ,auricular therapy, anthropology, psychology, history, art ,t.v. animals, music 60s to present, songwriting, poem...
  8. M

    hanging out at the airport

    Cuz my flight got delayed. I got a 30 min neck and back massage. It cured my headache.
  9. prairiechick

    My massage therapist

    I've been going to a massage therapist for a back injury and more recently since I dislocated my shoulder, and when she is finishing up, I feel as though she is blessing me, both with her hands and with her words. It is a healing balm to my broken spirit. She doesn't speak any formal blessing...
  10. S

    Feeling Inspired

    I have the courage & motivation at this very moment,.. could I possibly do it again? 11 years ago I set up my own business when my son was just 5 months old. I was a single mum & was alone since being 2mths pregnant, so I was determined. Looking back I was so driven and managed to build up a...