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  1. S

    help needed esa

    good evening everyone newbie here looking for some information at present i have been getting esa for 11 years now, and i am placed in the support group and i receive pip.also..i am thinking of getting married to my fiance who works full time , at present i live with my father who is disabled...
  2. R

    Causing my own depression

    Crazy thing is that i know whats causing my current bout of depression but i cant seem or want to stop it. Married for nearly 20 years and i have always been faithfull. Recently met up with an old friend who confided some things to me that could really have caused her harm in her own life. Turns...
  3. R

    Husband no help at all

    Anyone have any idea what to do with hubby who pretends there is no problem? Long story short... We've been married 18 years and have 3 boys and a girl. He, knowing full well that cheating would be the one thing that I couldn't handle at all, went ahead and did it anyway. Well, after walking...
  4. S


    im new to this and have never been in a froum before ,so this is a bit about myself ,i'm in my early 50's am married with 4 children ,and have been suffering with depression for a number of years , with my depression and the state of my health i decide to join the forum to see if there are other...
  5. S


    im new to this and have never been in a froum before ,so this is a bit about myself ,i'm in my early 50's am married with 4 children ,and have been suffering with depression for a number of years , with my depression and the state of my health i decide to join the forum to see if there are other...
  6. E

    I need advices

    I'm 21 years old, I'm a woman and my love is too, we've been together for 5 years now, we both have mental health problems, two broken people who heal each other. I want a future with her, we both don't want kids but we will adopt stray animals and will treat them as our children, that's our...
  7. fazza

    Abuse in the family and a template for the future

    I have seen some pretty abhorent things as a child. My doctor told me yesterday that i must see this as a template for normal married life. How wrong can he be. As a victim of abuse i was always scared of telling my doctor as i presumed (rightly so) that he would say that the abused becomes the...
  8. H

    Broke-So-No-Wedding Anxiety

    I am 25 years old and me and my fiance are planning to get married within a month. Just like any other bride-to-be, I have (or had) dreams about the big day. But due to financial crisis, we are considering register/court wedding. Initially, we thought of having a small wedding consisting of...
  9. L

    Looking for Like Minds

    Good morning everybody. This is my first post. I am really hoping to find some folks I can talk (and listen) to who will understand and not judge me. It would even be great to find a friend or two as life can get pretty lonely. My diagnosis? :-( I am bipolar and a borderline personality...
  10. W

    Not much interest in living

    Almost all my life I had no interest in living until I met my girl friend which turned out to be my wife for 21 years we have been separated for 1 year now. Four years into our relationship I got into a car accident on my birthday messed me up pretty good so all the feelings of not wanting to...
  11. M

    I didn't get married in time

    I became bored of the decent men. Nobody taught me to tell the difference or even to bother looking for it. I let men (whilst dressed) touch me in nightclubs, cuddle me inappropriately. I got into situations where i was too young to understand that a man wanted to take me out for dinner and...
  12. soulsearcher

    i get these strong urges, is it because of bpd?

    hey peeps so im married, been married for 12 years, like anything in life ive had ups and downs in my marriage but i keep getting these urges to f*ck about and mess around with other women then at other times i i think no i shouldnt then i get the urges agin its like theres a light and dark side...
  13. K

    I don't know how to be myself

    Hello everyone. I saw a thread that someone is feeling that they don't have personality. I'm kind of relieved to know that I'm not alone, but it can be exhausting to switch a persona to another, but it's also exhausting to keep on hanging to one persona. I've been living my life like this for as...
  14. B

    Verbal Rage, Jealousy and PTSD

    I am Married twice, first wife was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, runs in her family. My daughter developed symptoms at age of 28. was married 7 years. Second wife of 25 years suffers from severe depression for all of those years. I am disabled with COPD and moved to Saint Vincent and...
  15. crescent_moon82

    how many are married?

    Hello everyone, I'm wondering, how many on here are married? If so, is it to another person with mental illness. I'm inquiring on this question for my own personal reasons.
  16. B

    Need to share

    Feeling in a dark place these last few days. Suffer from depression and anxiety and just feel like my life is absolutely going no where. I have 3 beautiful children who keep me going. But I have been with my partner for over 10 years and he doesn't want to get married. Don't know whether I want...
  17. S

    Depressed, Suicidal, and a Dead Man walking!

    Hello, I have been battling depression for a few years now. I am Gay and I've been struggling for years to come to terms with my sexual orientation. As a child, I was abused multiple times but I never spoke to anyone about it. I always wanted to be the perfect child. I am not going to go into...
  18. A

    i am so sad..

    ok so here we go... i am 27 years old female with a unique problem that i am almost bald (writing this makes me feel bad).. which is why i am so distracted and i just don't know what to do? (with my life) doctors said that there is no treatment for me..i am a unique case thats it.. I don't have...
  19. M

    Wedding Anxiety/doubts

    So I'm not sure if this is normal, but I have been having serious doubts about getting married. I'm only 23, and my fiancé is 26. Don't get me wrong, I love him. But I feel like I haven't figured myself out yet and there's so much I want to do before getting married. I've been thinking about...
  20. C

    Borderline and emotionally cheating

    I am married female 23 and have been with my S.O 9 years and married for 2 year I also have bpd. Before the marriage our relationship was very good but I think a big part of this is because I lived with my parents and they had been my support. I have always needed him to be more aware and...