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  1. BorderlineDownunder

    Standardise Drug Names, Please!

    as this is online people from lots of places come here. the same medicine has different names in different places. Ive just found out Quetiapine is Seroquel. :( Why haven't they called it Seroquel, in the UK and Aus? Is it because they think they wouldn't be able to MARKET it???? :( I am so...
  2. W

    Anyone can please tell me about the best medicine for depression available in market?

    Anyone can please tell me about the best medicine for depression available in market? My question sum up everything i want to know. Please provide information on it.
  3. BillFish

    Back to rad ideas again and posting them on the web lol

    Hope it's not another hi coming on again, just had a mori poll around the house asking where I shop etc I shewed them away, but had the idea of paying 300 to 500 people to wear electronic tags for the ultimate market research poll.I'm sure there would be many cash strapped volunteers.Just...
  4. cpuusage

    Governments Delivering Customers to Big Pharma

    Maria Bradshaw December 5, 2013 Much has been written about the unethical marketing practices of pharmaceutical companies and the role of psychiatrists and government regulators in marketing psychiatric drugs. Court judgments, research studies and whistleblower accounts have left us in no...
  5. S


    Hi all, I posted the other day in reference to being on mirtazapine to say it caused me to have panic attacks, I have been prescribed 75 mg of venlafaxine, just wondered has anyone got any views or experience as looking at some sites you would think it should be removed from the market as side...
  6. A

    Is Dosulepin coming off the market?

    I have been taking Dosulepin to treat my depression for many years. Last week my GP told me that it is coming off the market (not just in the UK but also in many other countries). She wants me to switch to Lofepramine or Amitriptyline. Yet, it does not matter how hard I´ve tried, I cannot find...
  7. C

    Ok. diagnosed BP1

    own house. mortgaged. 10 years to retirement. big mortgage - acquired via five kids and no discipline on my part. not good putting me first. now off work. told mixed episode. what do I do? choices - 1. put house on market, buy cheap place. 2. try to carry on? 3. sell it and go rental -...
  8. A

    America is running out of Drugs

    What next? I didn't seriously think of this - how interesting; but I suppose that the same happens in any supply & demand drug market? - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/01/adderall-shortage-2012_n_1178445.html?ref=college
  9. A

    The Indian Tobacco Companies

    Though cigarette smoking is injurious to health and Cigarette addiction is hard to break, people still continue to smoke, thus increasing the profit margin of the tobacco industry. India is the largest producer and exporter of tobacco. In the tobacco industry ITC heads the market with its...
  10. A

    Anxiety Attacks Treatment

    While many programs only show you how to cope with a panic attack when it has already begun, Panic Away helps to stop panic attacks altogether. Another benefit of this program over others on the market is that it doesn’t give you generic advice or outdated techniques. The technique shown in...