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  1. Lostinthestatic

    Can I still be diagnosed?

    I hope this is in the right place :) TLDR; I smoke weed, sometimes heavily and sometimes not, but in the last 2 months it has been everyday. Will I have to be sober for a while before a therapist or psychiatrist can give me a diagnosis? Even if my problems began before the drug use? (Warning...
  2. B

    Has anyone felt like this before

    I’m not sure where else I can post this but a little over two months ago I bought a disposable wax pen and I smoked too much which in turn gave me a really bad panic attack. I threw up four times it was hard for me to feel grounded my heart felt like it was beating fast then I was having trouble...
  3. P

    Schizoaffective disorder (havent talked to anyone about it really)

    Hey guys, new to the forums... don’t wanna post something that’s too long to read but basically I was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder two years ago after a psychotic episode.. since then I’ve put my life on hold while I deal with addiction and GAD amoung other things.. I was clean for a...
  4. D

    Marijuana - Anxiety, Depression, OCD

    Hello everyone! :) Glad you’ve all taken the time to read my post. I won’t try to bore you, but I was wondering if I could get some feedback from anybody who has had or currently does have experience with anxiety, depression, OCD, or marijuana withdrawal? I’ve just recently turned 24 and have...
  5. T

    Are My feelings going away? Anxiety, Depression, No Motivation

    ive had anxiety for about 7 years, pretty much ruined my social life between 18 and 22. Im much better now and manage it without xanax or crap like that. Im 26 now. Ive felt depression off and on thru 8 years(starting at 18) id say its on a general level. ive also smoked pot everyday for the...
  6. 4

    recreational drugs?

    Do any of you with schizophrenia (not psychosis) smoke weed or use any other recreational drugs? I suppose it’s not a good idea for those with really bad symptoms.... I have schizoaffective disorder and my psychotic symptoms never arise, I’ve been on medication for months and they’ve been...
  7. B


    Do you take marijuana? Is it bad for people with psychosis to take it? With me,everything was ok for like 10 months of smoking pot but now I feel paranoid,I have troubles swallowing when i take it,I feel uncomtarable and I think its time for me to stop taking it. What are your expiriences with...
  8. Poopy Doll

    CBD cannabis oil

    I keep seeing advertising for medical marijuana which states that it "cures" depression. I don't see how this is possible when it causes depression. My recent experience with the wonderful new world of medical marijuana : I spent $250 seeing a State certified marijuana doctor. I paid the $75...
  9. G

    Anxiety Skyrocketed After Smoking Weed?

    Alright, so I've smoked weed twice in my entire life, and both times I've had major panic attacks. I'd never had them before I smoked it. After the first time, I came down and everything was alright. However, since the second time a couple weeks ago, my anxiety has been through the roof...
  10. L


    I hate the person that I am today. I don't know if life is worth living anymore. I hate that I am such an easy target for abusive people, being used. I have driven my family further away form me, and I've let them down more times than i can count. Last night i made a stupid decision, I drank all...
  11. A.m.b.e.r


    I am having a really hard time at the moment and I feel like I am heading in the direction of a relapse, just having 1 meal a day at the moment. A friend suggested marijuana, what are you thoughts? thank you in advance, Amber x
  12. cpuusage

    Marijuana Users At High Risk For Schizophrenia, Researchers Say

    Marijuana Users At High Risk For Schizophrenia, Researchers Say Read more: Marijuana Users At High Risk For Schizophrenia, Researchers Say | Caribbean360 "COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Thursday December 1, 2016 – Marijuana poses a greater mental health risk than any other substance, including class A...
  13. Kerome

    Study says Marijuana may treat Drug Addiction and Mental Health issues

    Most Complete Study to Date Says Marijuana Can Treat Addiction, Mental Health - Good News Network Medical cannabis and mental health: A guided systematic review
  14. N

    Is this normal?

    Hi everyone, i'm new here, i'm 20 years old male and I really need your answers. I'm experiencing chronic headache for 1,5 year now at the left side of my head, like i'm wearing a helmet. Previously I had breathing problems (like something is blocking it) and I felt like something is choking me...
  15. D

    What Marijuana Does To Your Body And Brain

    What marijuana does to your body and brain | Health News | Lifestyle | The Independent Allegedly.
  16. M

    How MDMA made me mentally ill

    It all started back in June 7 months ago. I went to Edc and took 9 "Molly's" in 3 days. It was my third time of my life rolling and the last time before that was a year and a half ago. Out of these 9 pills filled with powder, 5 were bunk. And 4 were pretty good . I had the best weekend of my...
  17. BorderlineDownunder

    Marijuana - Help Or Hinder?

    Hi everyone I wanted Marijuana taken out of Alternative and placed into "Treatments" because I think its time has come. There are certain societies who are far advanced in the research and use of medical marijuana - Israel is an example, where MMJ is available in Chemo wards and has been for...
  18. Y

    Help me please....

    hi guys, I am desperate to find help for a friend of mine. she has been diagnosed as having marijuana induced psychosis and schizophrenia, and has had these issues for about 10 years, its only the past year or 2 that she has been sectioned at various hospitals / units they always seem to let...
  19. C

    Marijuana for OCD?

    I am doing much better these days after slowly withdrawing off almost all of my medications. I no longer have many of the horrible physical side affects from medications I was on. Turns out I am extremely sensitive to medication to the point where any positive effects are FAR outweighed by the...
  20. B


    Can you get schizophrenia from smoking marijuana?