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  1. letmein

    A wasted life

    I've wasted my life, I'm ready to hang up my gun now.... the only thing I have to show for my life is debt. it hangs over me like an axe man's sword. I've failed my daughter, my lovers, my family. my self. its time to walk away and end it...
  2. I

    Voice of God verses voice of schizophrenia

    Hi I have the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. I have a huge battle going on because when I've talked to people in the past about the voice that speaks to me most conclude that I'm hearing the voice of schizophrenia simply because I'm hearing a voice. I have been hearing this mans voice for...
  3. B

    missing him..

    The foster home took my number so my son could call me and we agreed on 730 am. He called me wed but not since. I wish I could at least here my little man's voice. He doesn't come visit until Tues. I really miss him.
  4. D

    A mans very inspirational story of recovery! D xxx

    Barrie This is beautiful D xxxxx
  5. bootoblue

    I hear voices that come from behind me.

    they follow me. the other day I was sat on a bus going to a day center when I heard a voice charge me with the offence of stealing a man's wallet who was sat over on the other side of the bus. "You stole that man's wallet" Generally I hear them in the morning or at night
  6. speckles

    No mans land

    I feel like I am in no man s land, I feel so stressed all the time over food and being restricted over self harm. I feel tired and exhausted but at the same time really bored, my thoughts are running away with themselves. It is hard to structure days everything seems like too much motivation to...
  7. L

    Need a friend,so sooo depressed

    Nothing is going right,have no friends and when i talk to family they are sincere but i can see they dont truly understand. Feel like a boy trapped in a mans body most days
  8. tiltawhirl

    I love it when I actually cook!

    I just fried up some potatoes in lard. I swear if that scent were made into a man's cologne, I couldn't go out of the house. I would drool all over myself and follow anybody!
  9. M

    questions for you...

    Hi, I started hearing a man's voice in my head at a particularly stressful time last year. I work for the NHS and they noticed a change in behaviour and I was forced to have a mental health assessment before they'd let me work again. I lied and said I had not heard voices as I didn't want to be...