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  1. E

    Not everyone is enjoying Christmas

    Christmas 2018 Not everyone is enjoying Christmas. Elena my beautiful daughter is 9 yrs old and it’s probably the last Santa Claus Christmas for her. The last time she’ll believe in the elf and his antics, the last time she’ll talk of his magic. I’m flitting between feeling numb and extremely...
  2. H

    Anyone else here avoid relationships?

    I don’t want a partner, I don’t want friends. They really stress me out. I prefer being alone with my dogs, less stressful :)! I think animals are much better than humans, I seem to attract narcissistic people in my life.. Literally everybody tries to manipulate me and it works the majority of...
  3. P

    Language manipulations.

    You can manipulate language in any way. You can cause gibberish. You can cause word salads. You can even make a person speak and understand languages they've never heard fluently. Not to be confused with strokes although you'll never know unless they tell you because they can make it look...
  4. S

    AsPD and Psychotherapy?

    My psychiatrist recently hinted at the fact me having AsPD, however he gave me an "official diagnosis" of "severe" adult ADHD to not "have anything negative" on my medical records. I know I can't be fully honest with him as I am motivated to lie to get the medications i want (which he must know...
  5. P

    I feel broken

    Hi all, i am new to the forum but any help/advice you can give i would greatly appreciate it. I am a 27 yo male that is married has a house and is attending college. When i was younger ages 18-20 i was a personal trainer that loved basketball. Then something happened to me. Something i dont...
  6. E

    Changing an Abusive Relationship

    In my opinion, fear or shame are the keys to controlling us. When we change this control mechanism, voices can change. So here are some points that may help: 1. Identify the trigger. When a voice makes a remark, note your body language and that of other people. Note what kind of environment you...
  7. amathus

    BPD - Do you see yourself as desperate or manipulative?

    Do you think you manipulate others, to get your own way? or are you desperate? to get yourself heard ? amathus.
  8. lulubelle

    Are Bipolars easy to manipulate?

    Just a thought I have just had really. I'm pretty sure someone is trying to manipulate me right now but it's like they are aware that you never trust yourself 100%. Start telling you what you're like, what you do, what you say- but you know you never... or you think you never! The thing is...