1. J

    How to Handle Girlfriend's Mania

    A girlfriend is currently going through her 4th or 5th manic episode since 2006. All the usual symptoms are there: having higher-than-normal energy levels being restless or unable to sit still having a decreased need for sleep having increased self-esteem or confidence, or grandiosity being...
  2. M

    Starting over after 4th psychotic episode

    Hi everyone, first post here. Just had my 4th psychotic episode 9 months ago. First one happened my senior year in high school, then another one my freshman year in College. Worked hard to graduate college and even started a business. That was 10 years ago. Business has done well enough for...
  3. T

    Hello from Tennessee

    Hello everyone, I’m 49 and was initially diagnosed at age 16 following a manic episode. I hope everyone is doing well.
  4. H

    My friend is stranded in israel and needs desperate help

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here and my first post on a forum ever but I am desperate for any advice at this stage. Where to begin... It recently came to light that an old friend of mine whos name is Yasu, was starting to suffer from mental impairment. He had been studying at...
  5. P

    Hello, just joined...Can't sleep

    Female Diagnosed manic depressive bipolar with severe anxiety disorder & several manic phobias. Meds don't help. Recovering alcoholic of 7 years so at least I was able to beat that! Love to hear some advice on how to beat the rest.
  6. N

    I don't know my own thoughts or what to do!

    Hi, I was diagnosed with Manic depressive disorder, or Manic Depression 13 years ago, I was always crying, lashing out at people for no reason it was really bad, 2 years after it started i went on to Sertraline which was great helped me out no end but i ended up coming off them due to weight...
  7. L

    I'm back...

    I have not been writing on here, because I have a counselor that I been e mailing. I go in to physically see her from time to time. Thing are not getting better just moving along day in day out. My sleeping is totally messed up. I been pretty edgy lately. Still frustrated with civilization and...
  8. J

    The Magic of Lithium

    The magic of lithium. Lithium as all "magic" is a trick which is to poison your body to weaken it. One is so weak that he has no strength for any manic attack. Congratulations wizards of psychiatry!
  9. S

    Do you still experience "cycles" while on a mood stabilizer?

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on this site. Also, please forgive me for being naive. I know very little about Bipolar Disorders. Short Version (Because I know some people don't have time to read everything): If you are on a mood stabilizer, is it common to still have manic or depressive...
  10. Poopy Doll

    Not really bipolar

    I have sciatica or piriformis syndrome, not sure which or both. And I get very depressed about it hurting. And I'm afraid to go places where I have to sit and stand. And it isn't bipolar to feel sick and tired of dealing with this for over 15 years. I cannot emotionally handle the pain anymore...
  11. R

    Hey guys

    Hi everyone, new here ! I’m Richard and I’ve joined this forum for support really when I’m struggling. I suffer from manic depression, anxiety, previously self harmed and regular suicidal thoughts. Yes I’m a mess !
  12. L

    I have bipolar but not sure if depressed?

    Hi everyone this is my first post here and I'd really appreciate any feedback. Ever since I was 20 (I'm 28 now) I've been different. Without going in too much detail let's just say I had a relationship breakdown and I had my first manic episode. After my first manic episode I basically became...
  13. T

    Would love to hear your psychosis experience. I'll tell you mine.

    I am bipolar 1. Was in hospital twice last year for a total of 4 months. Sometimes I thought as I was being held against my will in a strange place, it must mean that I am in a military base, and I am either a secret agent, or a psychedelic super soldier, whatever that is!! At one point, the...
  14. Prairie Sky

    How do your episodes begin?

    Are they sudden, gradual? Can you pinpoint triggers or do they seem to come out of nowhere? Do your depressive episodes start differently than manic or hypomanic episodes?
  15. S

    Episode length

    I'm very curious as to how long everyone's up and down phases last? Its always been a curiosity of mine since being diagnosed with bipolar. My most recent manic 'up' phases lasted 2-3 months as I was unmedicated and I'm now in the 2nd month of my depressive phase. My social worker keeps saying...
  16. Y

    anyone identify ???

    hi people , first post so a bit new to all this. I'm in a residual rehab at this moment for both drugs and help with Bi Polar II. iv been steady for a while now thanks to taking my meds prober. but I am getting the odd days off manic depression and find it very hard to express the way I am...
  17. B

    Best ways to help with you stress/symptoms?

    Besides the typical medication and counseling/therapy; what else do you find helpful for extra stresses and symptoms? I find that i can normally become manic without any sort of trigger; but its usually not to the extent that it becomes a major problem. I really only get too manic or too...
  18. C

    New psych, new sleep meds, now manic!!

    I saw a new psychiatrist this past Tuesday because my previous one never resolved my insomnia since 2013. And I'm tired. My new doc prescribed seroquel 200mg ER to be taken at 6 pm. Being exhausted it worked great the first two nights but I was a bit sleepy during the day. Tonight.... it's...
  19. M

    Diagnosis and medication woes - should I seek second opinion?

    I've known for some time (years) I've got some sort of mood disorder, after many goes on the NHS merry go round I've now been diagnosed with cyclothymia. Would greatly appreciate any input/opinions. Basically, I experienced mild mood fluctuations most of my life but never to any great degree...
  20. W

    A random reach out before a permanent solution?

    I don't know why I am here..perhaps the conscious mind is attempting to stop the subconscious, I dunno. I am 33 and have always had manic depressive issues, however has always defeated with will power. However, after a recent turn of events, I feel my own demise will become reality very...