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manic episode

  1. J

    Somewhere between Bipolar 1 and 2

    Hi, I am new here. I registered to get and provide support for those dealing with similar issues such as mine. I have a history of depression/mood issues since childhood. Full blown manic episode 2013 - age 23. Diagnosed in 2016. 5+ years in recovery from drugs/alcohol. Extreme bouts of...
  2. J

    Overwhelming sadness and feeling trapped.

    I have gotten into the habit of writing down my feelings as a coping mechanism of sorts. Recently I wrote the following in my journal and I feel it is the most concise entry to describe how I feel, generally: I am one of lifes bad guys. I simply cannot atone for the lies I have told and the...
  3. L

    Bipolar Infidelity

    I'll keep this short and sweet......I feel that there is a lot of light shed on the consequences of spending far too much money during manic episodes and though we all know how disastrous that can be, what about Infidelity and the drastic impact that has on the people suffering and the people on...
  4. L

    My Suspected Bipolar, My Countdown and what really is Mania?

    Hello Everyone, I'm 20 years old and have suspected Bipolar, I don't really know what I expect from joining this site or what I expect from any of you guys, but I'm just finding it hard until I get my proper diagnosis on the 18th of March. It's now 9 days away but it feels as if it's an eternity...
  5. H

    Is this normal?

    Does her doctor work out of hours? It's your call really - as a friend you know best whether the situation needs attention. Hope it turns out ok. No harm in calling for help if u are worried.