1. burt tomato

    Maniac - netflix series.

    I really enjoyed this show. Jonah Hill is a schizophrenic and undergoes a VR type drug trial. Joss Stone is the female lead, and is a sassy rebel. I thought it was excellent. not everyday you get this sort of positive coverage for a schizo
  2. K

    Have bipolar, condstant mania cant take meds

    I have bi polar and had to go off all my meds after having a cardiac arrest, now im maniac all the time, i need help
  3. C

    Road to recovery ... And the realisation of this discovery

    Im sorry if I'm posting in an inappropriate place, it was the getting your life Back that grabbed me. At this present time I have not been officially diagnosed I'm awaiting Assessment, I have been told this could be up to a month which is quite scary As my moods swings are rapid only last week...