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mania depression

  1. limbo_grrrl

    Tips during mania, pls

    hi everybody. I hope you're feeling well. I want to ask a question about mania. my episodes are quite active, which is a manifestation of mania, ha. I go to other cities, have unwanted sexual relationships, break limbs, get into bad company with alcohol, cannabis and all that shit. I know you...
  2. J

    Something wrong with me!

    Hi people, Ijust registered because I need to just let it out. My thoughts are raising through my head and I apologise if I spell words wrong, I cannot be bothered to use a lexicon now. I don't know what is wrong with me, I know that it is something but none of the descriptions of different...
  3. B

    When does Hypormania become Mania?? Ruined relationships

    Hi all, General ramble rather than a question I suppose? (apologies in advance if this doesnt make sense/repeats previous things etc..) I have been diagnosed Rapid Cycling BP2 and for the last six months, my life has been a train wreck. A period of stress in my life (moving, new job etc..)...