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  1. fazza

    Manager just visited me

    Wow. Talk about a reality check. Been avoiding the phone all evening when suddenly my boss appeared at my door. He told me to forget what the doctors told me and do what I am best at which is doing my job. Forget lables. My job is there when I want it. Can't say fairer than that
  2. F

    Should I tell my manager about my BPD?

    I’ve been off work sick because I had some problems anyway, long story short, during this time off I’ve been diagnosed with BPD. But I’m going back to work tomorrow and I don’t know what to tell my manager when I have the back to work meeting.. should I be straight up?
  3. C

    Returning to work after being signed off with depression and anxiety

    I have suffered with depression for nearly 4 years, I have my good days and bad days and really bad days but I had managed to stay at work throughout with an understanding manager. Recently, though, I got to a point where I couldn’t face going in to work and was signed off - 4 weeks in total. At...
  4. J

    Don’t know what to do.

    So late last year I was stuggerling with depression and anxiety, there had been a few deaths in the family, stress from college and my parents had separated (we had all left the family home) now I’m not good with change but I dealt with it the best way I could. I was then put on 20mg Fluoxetine...
  5. My_Second_Chance

    Workplace Bullying!

    I have been working in my current job for two years now. I left for two months to start a new job. However, I found the new job – it was a very toxic environment. Management talking about other staffs confidentiality in the office. Gossiping about others. I was still covering overtime shifts for...
  6. Fairy Lucretia

    what is going on x

    i don't know if anyone is interested but it will help me to write this down so a few months ago ,my cpn was away for 14 weeks ,my support worker felt i need a replacement cpn as i was so unwell with SH . i had a meeting with the manager and support worker and the support worker said nothing...
  7. D

    Good days and bad days

    This week has been difficult, sometimes I wondered if my job is worth it or my life is worth it. My staff has seen a different side ever since some people left the company and I realised that I was bullied but didn’t realise until they were gone. Ever since they are gone, I seemed happier and...
  8. Fairy Lucretia

    today and sorry x

    sorry if i worried anyone gosh my head is muddled so i don't know if anyone remembers but i had a meeting with manager a few weeks back,she basically said she didn't see why i needed a cpn but would give me one anyway because im on depot well that left me very very suicidal and scared that i...
  9. B

    I suspect I am being bullied at work, need advice

    Ok so Ive been employed by my company for over 2 years now, and something is bothering me I cant get past. I work at our leisure centre, and our line manager seems to have a personal problem with me. When I first started, I was thrown in the deep end with no training, he knew this and still...
  10. S

    Work pressure

    Background - I suffer from depression but am medicated so no longer have feelings of self harm. I currently work for the police and due to cut backs I am under enormous pressure in my current role. 2 days ago I had a minor meltdown whilst working at home. My wife told me to go off sick and...
  11. M

    Work Exacerbating Mental Health

    Hi there I'm new to the forum so I'm not really sure where to start. I work in HR and so I know how I would advise someone in my position, however, for me it feels different and I don't know what to do. I started a new job 12 weeks ago. During the first few weeks I had some issues with a...
  12. J

    Need some advice very nervous

    Hello basically thinking of leaving my job. I been at my current job for 3 years along side volunteering at my local charity shop. The charity shop is now looking for a assistant manager for 3 days (could be more) which is paid. I just don't know what do to i done all the application form etc...
  13. Cazcat

    Failed Return to Work

    I started a phased return to work this week. Dr said I was ready, got what I thought was a reasonable plan together with my manager. First morning back yesterday and I sat there shaking, trying not to cry and wanting to run away. I was just completely overwhelmed. Have just spoken to my...
  14. I

    So scared :(

    Hi my manager seems to be taking the mic our off me.its easter holidays and she's making me work 11 hour shift 7-6 for 6 days tommorow and next week.she's saying she needs a week break next week everyone else is having a break impart from me.I hate these shifts there too long I find tgsm way too...
  15. N

    Supported Living company. They take you seriously when you threaten to complaint on Twitter.

    Supported Living company. They take you seriously when you threaten to complaint on Twitter. They don't give a shit when you make one direct to them. The new person potentially moving in came to look around again on Friday with his Mum and the support company knew about his arrival for some...
  16. N

    Depression due to impossible work Situation

    Hello - sorry to introduce myself with a long moan, but I am hoping for some help and advice in dealing with a situation at work, which has caused me a lot of stress, anxiety and depression over the last 6 months. I have been working at the same company for nearly 20 years and have been (until...
  17. N

    ESA medical. Only in there 15 minutes,

    I was really anxious. My supporting living manager gave him a letter my LD community nurse wrote me, The assessor looked at it and said if I'd of send the letter in at the beginning I wouldn't of been called to the assessment and it had enough information in to be paper based. He only had little...
  18. Bluemoon

    Undertaking paid work with MH problems and dealing with bad management.

    Undertaking paid work with MH problems and dealing with bad management. I had worked voluntary for several years and then took a paid part-time job afterwards. The manager chose to keep my diagnosis between us for confidentiality and also because he felt those who work under him didn't need to...
  19. N

    Is my employer treating me correctly?

    Hello Everybody, I am new here, so apologies if I’m repeating previous people’s posts. I do not have a great track record with sickness in every job I’ve had. This is due to having anxiety and depression from a very early age, but I always hid it and bottled things up. I never spoke to anyone...
  20. valleygirl

    Freaking Out

    I woke up half an hour ago to the smell of smoke. Went out into the hallway of my apartment building and it was even worse there. A few other people were up, and called the building manager. We couldn't see smoke coming from anywhere, and the building manager is waiting until morning to see...