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  1. M


    Just been told to jump before I'm pushed off the management program I am in. Can't deal with the stress. No what I can't deal with is being fucked about so much that I crack. People need to take a long look at themselves because it is their fault and they are punishing me for it. I had a...
  2. B

    Anger management

    Does any one have any tips on how to control explosive anger ?
  3. B

    To Management

    I am anxious about my posts, notably the replies that I make which sometimes but not always are not visible to me. Another mystery of a thread disapearing I just posted a reply at the above forum which you can find in search. I am assuming that management still have the original post and have...
  4. C

    My life's a masquereade -

    a world of let's pretend. let's pretend to my kids I am okay - cos it freaks them to know what I really feel - and you cannae even own that on here n(bit bizarre). Then there's work - and their pathetic attempts at kidding they care. They do not give a puff - arseholes in management. May they...
  5. L

    my little bit of story

    from the age of 14 i have been made aware that i was a product of rape and that i was wanted and kept by my mother and so called father. i have since found out this is not true and i was the product of an affair ..... which u can imagine knocked me for six. i dnt have a relationship with my...
  6. kathrina

    Stress Management

    So I went for my first session with a new counsellor the other day. She asked me what she can help me with although my doctor had referred me to her so had informed her what my issue was. Then she mentioned a recent issue and said well a lot of people will find it triggering but you did ask for...
  7. Girl Interrupted

    Self-help worksheets

    I have found some useful links to worksheets for those utilising such self help methods. The following link has all manner of worksheets, one would be spolit for choice......... It has a panic diary, emotion regulation sheets, DBT worksheets, problem solving worksheets, the perfection scale...
  8. prairiechick

    Stupid caretakers are going to make me manic from stress

    I can't even enjoy a quiet day, never mind the evening, without their incessant fucking TV. And I don't have the confidence or courage to talk to them about it (they already know it bothers me), or the property management company. So I cranked my music and got out my trusty, loud vacuum for a...
  9. Pixie37

    Management of Emotions Diary

    Sorry to start another thread :blush: My 1st session with my nurse went ok today. Shes explained that i feel things more intensely and they last for longer cause i have bpd. I have to keep a management of emotions diary for the next 2 weeks. I have to record everytime i get upset what state or...
  10. O


    just popped in to say hi. ive suffered depression and anxiety for 20 yrs (im 44). last year has been really bad and its getting to the out of control stage. cant stop feeling everyone is against me (mostly management at ) hoping to get to know a few people on here that might understand. im in...
  11. T

    Anger Management

    Off to a course today on anger management. Hope to get a lot out of it. It just so happens i nearly threw a plate at my hubby on sat nite. He said i was a bully and he is right. I have no idea where the anger comes from? But he is right if he did to me what I do to him, he would get...
  12. D

    scots help

    Support boost puts sufferers of long-term problems in control Share 0 comments 30 Sep 2010 A campaign was launched today to support the estimated two million Scots living with long-term health conditions and other problems. The scheme aims to put forward the message that having such...
  13. S

    A web-based self management intervention for Bipolar Disorder

    Hi Everyone, We are a team of researchers working at Lancaster University working on a study that aims to develop and test a new free to access web-based self management intervention for people experiencing Bipolar Disorder. There are 2 parts to this study in which we need your help: 1. We...
  14. D

    Advice ??? Any Suggestions ?

    Summary: I was seeing a Psychiatrist once every 6 to 8 weeks for around a year (previously had a CPN) Diagnosis since 96 has been mixed anxiety depression and panic The Consultant decided I had anxiety and depression that had become ingrained within personality and that I justified...