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  1. cpuusage

    Why Are There So Many Psychopaths in Positions of Power?

    Why Are There So Many Psychopaths in Positions of Power? : Waking Times [From above Link] "A 2010 study that examined a sample of 203 individuals from different companies’ management development programs revealed something interesting. It was found that about 3% of business managers scored in...
  2. Tired Daisy

    I need some anger mamagement

    I need some anger management before I go crazy and end up losing it completely and doing something I'll regret either by hurting somebody or myself. I live in London and need some help with anger? Can anybody direct me to a helpful service? I'd really appreciate it if somebody could please.
  3. G

    How can I help a colleague with depression?

    A colleague of mine has recently been diagnosed with depression. I am her engineering team leader (meaning I organise and review the technical work she does, but I'm not her boss). It is clearly affecting her quite severely in her work and general life, but I don't know what I can do to help...
  4. shaky

    Iritability and anger

    I am finding myself getting irritable and angry for little reason. It's making me less nice to people I like. Just silly things - or are they silly. Turned over to BBC4, there was a programme about Britain's Treasure Islands. Well, I like a geography programme as much as the next one - but the...
  5. Jojojabini21

    Too Much Pressure At Work, can't do it anymore!

    Hi, My main line manager at work has been away for two weeks and although I've still been struggling, my supportive team and the rest of the management committee still active have been wonderful and making my life as easy as possible. Today is the first day my line manager has been back and...
  6. W

    Management not backing me up

    I have a problem at work am a team leader and a few on my shift won't listen to me. Management don't care. One of my coworkers told me to go fuck myself and he keeps getting away with it. Management have no balls to get him in the office. Took a day off work because I feel I will loose it at...
  7. RainbowHeartz

    self management course

    its a support group anyone been? was it good?
  8. RainbowHeartz

    trigger warning just in case its about living with a toxic parent, would like tips on coping and managing a toxic parent that im going to be living wi

    trigger warning just in case its about living with a toxic parent, would like tips on coping and managing a toxic parent that im going to be living with permanentely hi ok so my mum is toxic to my mind and brain, living seperatly is not an option well how can i look after my needs in a toxic...
  9. C

    Not sure what the problem is

    I've been with my partner for 7 years. He has a pot of unresolved issues from his past, abusive family, care, army discharge, traumatic birth of our child etc. At least since the birth of our son (2) he has been depressed - at this time he also started working nights. In addition, his mum and...
  10. C


    Lichfield Lichfield Changes Healthy & Wellbeing Centre The Pavilion Beacon Park Lichfield WS13 6QZ 01543 309 770 [email protected] Activities Advance Wellness 4 Week Course Anger Management 6 Week Course Adult Peer Support Group Coffee Morning - Social Time for Art Group /...
  11. BillFish

    Are we just a management problem?

    What prompted me to ask, is a recent campaign for homeless people. Listening to the discussion on radio four, the assistant presenter pointed out that in one particular case a homeless man with addiction mental health issues had cost the NHS 100, 000 pounds a year for several years until he...
  12. C


    Hartlepool and East Durham Hartlepool and East Durham Mind - InMind Phone: 01429 269 303 [email protected] Crown Buildings Tees Street Hartlepool TS24 8HB Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm InMind in Hartlepool is an AQ (Any Qualified Provider) offering a number of services...
  13. W

    mindfuleness meditation is great for management...

    meditation in moderation is good like exercise, too much and it becomes too much about control, anxiety and self medication.....Buddha spoke of the middle way, everything in moderation. mindfulness is a good management tool, the body can naturally go into mindfulness when needed. Astral travel...
  14. B

    I don't know what to do

    My adult son, age 41, lives with me. He's been depressed for the last 5 years and unable to work so he relies on me. He will not seek mental health assistance because he's scared. His Grandmother, his father, and his uncle are all bipolar. Only his uncle was diagnosed. I know my son and I'm...
  15. T

    just a fed up rant

    RANT ALERT really negative list, should balance with positives if I can, but want to vent how totally and utterly FED UP I'm feeling about a lot of stuff. • pain, endless bloody pain getting me down • mood swings and beliefs making me think one thing then another - no consistency, no stability...
  16. porkpie

    Have I got a right to be pissed off?

    I live in a sheltered living complex and we have staff here supporting us paid by social services, this particular member of staff I like but something he did upset me the other day and I don't know whether to pursue it further with management. I live in a large terrace house directly on the...
  17. M

    Patients being less likely to be admitted to Acute Mental Health Wards

    Schizophrenic Patients being less likely to be admitted to Acute Mental Health Wards During a recent admission to a acute mental ward ,I have had no recent admissions for many years ,but have had many admissions in the past ,Having worked in the care field mainly in the Private sector ,(its...
  18. K


    i am new to this forum and would like to say hi. i am a 50 yro man and have been suffering from c ptsd and didnt know until i was diagnosed last year. i have symptomsd of DID and currently going through counselling which i pay for. i am hoping for some insight on the management of the symptoms...
  19. N

    interaction between mirtazapine and clomipramine hydrochloride

    Any one please help. I take mirtazapine with clomipramine hydrochloride from last three months. But now I am confused the dose management of clomipramine hydrochloride. Can I stop one of them?
  20. amathus

    Stress reducing foods:

    Diet for stress management slideshow: Food for stress "Stress management can be a powerful tool for staying healthy. There's evidence that too much pressure doesn't just put you in a bad mood. People who are under continual stress are more vulnerable to everything from colds to high blood...