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  1. T


    I love that I found this friendly forum and joined last night :thumbsup: I don't like that I am so computer stupid. It just took ages to work out how to open a private message!! :rolleyes: I even managed to burn my dinner. Feels like a maze in here. But hey …. managed to find my way back...
  2. T


    Hi all. I’m relatively new to this site, and was asked if I could write something to try and explain what’s going on for me. It’s quite a long read, as when I start to type, it very quickly turns into a novel. Anyway, here goes.... I spent the last 20+ years working as a sound / lighting /...
  3. A

    Anyone from Ireland ?

    I was in the Young Adult group 20 years ago just before the turn of the millennium and never saw a doctor again. Ive had issues but Ive managed to do pretty well with my life considering.
  4. K

    I have relapsed back into Anorexia and need advice or even just a chat...

    I have relapsed back into Anorexia and need advice or even just a chat... Hi all, This is my first time posting after being recommended to use this site by another member. I'll keep this as short as possible but wondering if there are others that have managed to beat the disease and have...
  5. A

    Hello :)

    Hello all, I have been hearing voices for 4 y are now, it was so tough at first but somehow I have managed to cope. I don’t go out much so I look forward to have some friends here. :)
  6. P

    Overcoming concentration issues and agitation

    Hi all, I am new to the mental forums. It's very nice to be here. I hope all of you are having an excellent day. If not, I hope it will improve swiftly. I'm making this post to receive some assistance. As a consequence of taking aripiprazole (abilify), I am suffering from a lack of...
  7. Lyotto1

    Have you ever pushed yourself to work out while you're being depressed and felt like sleeping?

    Have you ever pushed yourself to work out while you're being depressed and felt like sleeping? Have you ever managed to convince yourself to put ur running shoes on while ur depressed and to go out and run with music on Even though ur not enjoying the running and feel crappy and unmotivated...
  8. blacksmoke

    t00 many buses and m0re

    dunno thought i would start a new thread cnat continue with prev thread as i was in a very dark place.:low: it seems that waiting until next month to start to unravel the unexpressed grief is not maybe a good thing to wait. but that is all that is on offer. i havent managed to process stuff...
  9. P

    Everybody thinks I'm a good person, but I don't think so

    Hi guys. I'm new here, but I'm hopeful that you might be the friends I need. I'm 25/F. I've been previously diagnosed with depression and anxiety, but I thought I was past that. I'm kind of thinking maybe I'm not. I've always been described as a good, kindhearted person, but I feel in my heart...
  10. D

    Can bipolar be managed without meds?

    Doctor thinks meds are a miracle sent from heaven. I don't take very well to meds generally even painkillers. Reacted badly to ADs. Wonder if anyone has been ok and has managed fine without meds??
  11. I

    New Start

    I'm hurting so much still from loosing people who I thought were friends they never want to see me anymore and don't care and I have lost so much so my plan is to write them a letter and self harm because it hurts to much I've managed to put on an act all week which is a big achievement but this...
  12. blacksmoke

    a time to change lets end mental health discrimination

    Time To Change | let's end mental health discrimination got this link from a book-The Power Of Knowing You. learning from the past- by Sheila McMahon not managed to read it as yet but i have met the author
  13. loulabelle


    Hi guys Im wanting to have a baby I understand lithium can cause heart defects, im just wondering if anyone has stayed on lithium during there pregnancy???? Also how have people managed with there bipolar during pregnancy on/off medication?
  14. K

    My f****d up life - please tell me what you think i need the help

    My story - jade (not my real name) This post is really long please read to the end I know it will help me to hear what people think. My parents split when I was 6 or 7 I now live at home with my brother, mum and boyfriend. Throwout secondary school I was bullied severally, it wasn't...
  15. B

    If life's done anything for me in the last few years, it's teach me a lot

    If life's done anything for me in the last few years, it's teach me a lot Lately I've been thankful for my depression, my anxiety and my gender dysphoria. If I'd not hit low points like self harm, alcohol abuse, hitting the herb and pushing everyone out of my life till I felt so worthless...
  16. L

    Want to do work- but cant- extremely frustrated!!!!

    I'm meant to be finishing up my second semester of the second year of my course at the moment! I study psychology and I absolutely love it- The first 2 years could not have gone better for me- I made loads of friends and did well in all my exams leading up to now. But since my depression hit me...
  17. K

    Don't know what's wrong with me...

    I'm new here and this is my first post I just want everything to stop. My mind will not stop. I find this hard to explain but It feels like I have two brains. On is rational and says everything will be fine. The other is worse case stuff. Like today I couldn't stop thinking some thing bad...
  18. C

    Citizens Adcice adviser

    Despite being unemployable I've managed to get myself an interview with CAB. If I get it i'll be professional area kicker lol
  19. L

    Triggering/Lengthening Hypomania

    Have had a wonderful 6 days of little sleep, huge activity boost and today I feel much calmer. However, I know that I can't drift backwards again so I'm trying to lengthen the episode. Some people reckon it's possible, some don't. What do you think? I'm only sleeping 3/4 hours a night but I'm...
  20. 9

    Im getting by i guess...

    I thought I would be feeling a lot better since I've managed to get a lot of crap out of my life, but it seems it has made no difference at all. As a quick run-down, college was treating me bad and assuming I was coasting through the course when I was really trying my hardest. Even though I...