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  1. T


    I don't fully understand the term but i am sleeping excessively. I am on less medication than i have ever been and ideally will be off all eventually. I think i can manage stress now but if i can manage work, that is another question. Right now, how do i sleep a more reasonable amount of time? I...
  2. A

    Dr leaving

    Hi, I’ve never posted here before...I have ocd and pmdd so I whirl back and forth with how good or bad I feel every 2 weeks ish. I should feel “great” right now but my psychiatrist just told me that shes starting to retire. This instantly sent me into a spiral of obsessions about all the bad...
  3. N

    Tai Chi For Anxiety ailments

    Hi Folks, Quite a long time ago, I filed a post, about planning on doing Tai Chi, to aid Anxiety, unfortunately, i just couldn't manage to attend. This time round, phyiscal health wise, I'm very much better, so therefore, on Monday, hopefully, heat, buses, health as well, as long I'll be ok...
  4. Kerome

    The healing benefits of aloneness

    On how we always try to escape from our emotions, and how aloneness can bring us into contact with them, also how to manage the process. The Healing Benefits of Spending Time Alone | The Unbounded Spirit
  5. Fairy Lucretia

    are you mentally ill and live with somebody else who is too?

    how do you manage? xx
  6. B

    Feel lost

    Hi, names Sam been suffering for anxiety for a while now. Was fairly recently diagnosed, however I question my diagnosis and whether I actually suffer from bipolar or schizophrenia, which might again be part of the anxiety I don't know. Anyway, I'm looking for some resources which past suffers...
  7. little rose


    hello! been through chronic trauma for quite a few years which has been terrifying for me and some of the reason i now have this mental illness. advised by my trauma therapist that i have possible BPD or ptsd.. but from my perspective i feel its quite possible i have dissociative identity due to...
  8. F

    New to the MHF's

    Hi, just joined today. Pleased to know that I am not alone and that there is a place I can go to where I can be with like-minded people. I have been suffering from depression/anxiety for many years. Things have just recently come to a head in my life. Can't manage the stress too well lately...
  9. L

    Do you ever heard Self doubt?

    Did you ever have any self doubt? Have you ever feel that everything you do are mistakes and having a bad impact to other people (even if you don't know them) then you realise that's the only thing you can do in life so you decided to do nothing ever since? If so, did you manage to get out? How...
  10. W

    Living in the middle

    Hello. For the last 15 years something goes ?wrong? with me.You know, a big story like yours i suppose. I will not enter in details but i would like to speak with people that feel like living or dying still its not an answer or a solution. what happens in between? how you manage to live in...
  11. E

    I am in trouble with my landlord

    This flat is rubbish & it's mostly down to the landlord, I do admit however that due to my mental health problems I have extremely low energy levels & as such doing housework is difficult & I don't manage to be "on top of it", now I am getting warnings telling me what I can & can't do & it's...
  12. blurrypeach

    My anxiety doesn't let me sleep, yay!

    Tonight I learned three things. - Bottling up emotions leads to no good. Which includes not being able to sleep. - I need to learn how to manage my emotions healthily ASAP. - I am a wreck. So I gave up on sleeping, it is 5 am on a school day. BUT ANYWAYS. I feel hyper, though I don't know how...
  13. sahasrara

    dbt therapy and weed.

    So due to start my dbt therapy this week. Going through the work book and there is a very specific part about drug use. I have used cannabis for about 10 years now and I'm reluctant to tell people especially therapists about it. I know I use it to manage my moods, and I want to stop after Xmas...
  14. cpuusage

    Pets Help People Manage The Pain Of Serious Mental Illness

  15. Lost_Darkness

    DBT and stopping self harm

    i have BPD. I have finally agreed to DBT. My therapist told me the first thing to work on is stopping self harming. this has really unsettled me. I have been self harming on and off since i was 15. i don't know how i will manage without it. i think i would even miss it. anyone else feel...
  16. R


    Hello I found this forum after searching the Internet for answers/help about why I'm feeling the way I do. I feel like I don't know myself any more. I've been feeling this way for some time, but have had a couple of traumatic experiences in the past few weeks that seem to have brought this...
  17. W

    How can you make your doctor or CPN take you seriously and fight for you??

    How can you make your doctor or CPN take you seriously and fight for you?? As the title suggest, I wonder - and this is mostly addressed to people who have had negative experiences with working with mental health services in nhs setting - what is your experience with working with resistant...
  18. K


    Hi I'm really low at the min an pains everywhere just wanted to know if anyone has any tips on how to manage it an what works! Thanks 😀
  19. RainbowHeartz

    managing stress

    anybody know of good ways to manage stress?
  20. Fairy Lucretia

    are you alone all day?

    what do you do? how do you manage> xx