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  1. F

    Hello and happy new year to all!

    I just figured out that I already had an account on here which I must've got distracted from before getting involved at the time. Hope everyones new year is going as well as can be expected for your circumstances so far. I am a female to male transgender person from the UK with multiple mental...
  2. M

    Being in love with your voice

    My standard for a relationship is pretty high now when there's a male voice that knows me inside out
  3. T

    I Just Need To Get This Out

    Ok, first of all I feel so stupid, I'm a 50+ male that apart from feeling down when my mum died I have never had any mental health concern. But I just feel as if I need to reach out. I guess with my girlfriend I've always believed that I am punching above my weight, we have been together for 9...
  4. S

    30, just started harming after like 15 years and male....WTF!!!

    Mental health been a mess for a few years but keeping it together enough but. Despite everything I self harmed last month and again today. Bare in mind I haven't hurt myself since I was a child. Recently came off meds and started dbt but wtaf is this about
  5. E

    Help - ESA Face to Face assessment

    I am a 31 year old man I suffer from body dysmorphc disorder, anxiety, acrophobia and depression which has me suicidal, more so when in contact with people I don't know as it makes me very paranoid. I live with parents and never leave the house because of this and feel really pathetic. I have...
  6. T


    There was a programme looking at male depression and specifically male suicide on BBC last week. It was quite informative, I just finished watching it online. It's called Horizon, Stopping Male Suicide and is available on BBC iPlayer for another 20 something days.
  7. M

    Getting help

    I am finally taking the step to go see my GP about what I feel is my mild depression / general/social anxiety, and im a 20 year old male from Scotland just in case it's helpful to know. I'm going to call about it tomorrow and ideally I'd love to know more or less how it will go from there from...
  8. The Owl


    Sorry I cant make this a long post. I am to emotional. I don't want to be on here but feel so alone right now. I'll add more when I feel able. I am male and lost. Looking for answers,:sorry: and friends I can trust.
  9. S


    Anyone want to chat become friends I'm 29 female ... female or male friends :)
  10. A

    Help and advice sort.

    Hi all, So I’m after some advice for my situation, essentially I think I’m hearing voices but it’s a hard thing to accept. It started around a year ago, I kept hearing my neighbours having sex and it was keeping me up at night. I wasn’t the only one in the house hearing it so I know that much...
  11. C

    Evening I'm new to this

    Hi all I desperately need help. I've reached that stage of potentially planning. I feel so lost and beyond help now.i'm 56, male and just ruined. Saddest days of my journey so far. Cried on the train today and people seen.
  12. M

    How to hide scars on hands?

    So i have a fair amount of scars on both my hands from last night, i have no way of covering them up as i have never wore gloves before nor do i have any. + I am male so i have no way of getting makeup and i need to hide them from family and friends. Any tips? :unsure:
  13. C

    Workplace Issue.. Accused? Betrayed?...Confused and Frustrated for Sure!

    Workplace Issue.. Accused? Betrayed?...Confused and Frustrated for Sure! I am dealing with a very difficult situation at work right now. I share an office with 2 other males. Down the hall is a female coworker from another department who we has to rely on our department for certain tasks and...
  14. freshstart2016

    Gotta Grab Hold Of Life By The Horns!

    Hey guys Okay. So as the title says with my latest situation - I chose to grab hold of life by the horns. If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer’s always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place. I stood by this saying and...
  15. letmein

    being a useless male.

    I'm the ultra non-alpha male. I don't do sport, I'm rubbish at DIY, I don't like fighting, beer or for that talking about sex. I'm not feminine in any way, far from it, more a grizzly Adams look a like, but I have real "male" issues esp when it comes to sex, I have a very small penis :(...
  16. T

    Good Afternoon ! I am new here as well...

    I found this group through Google search and am hopeful to share and to gain insights as to what others are going through and positive coping skills some of us have acquired in our battle. I am currently being treated for clinical depression and anxiety that is treatment resistant. I also...
  17. L

    Help, voices or myself?

    When I was younger I used to hear a voice, one was louder than others, and he was a man. But I always heard it "in my head", I would never mistake it for outside speech. I was wondering if this counts as hearing voices or simply thinking? I also have episodes where a voice tells me to die, but...
  18. Tired Daisy

    I've always liked the color pink & I'm a guy

    Pink has been my favorite color and I'm a guy I'm male but inside I'm female a lot of the time I like gay things but I'm not attractive to men unless their TV or CD lol in fact I like them more than anything. I have 2 personalities :) Sometimes when I'm in my male personalty I hate myself a lot...
  19. M

    Male Crying Uncontrollable Emotions

    Hi I have a strange issue I have always had and it's hard to explain; I'm 28 yrs old and a manager however I have uncontrollable emotions. When I need to be assertive or defend a situation a struggle to hold back getting upset. I find it really difficult and avoid these situations.for example...
  20. R

    work place anxiety

    I'm a 28 year old male sales manager and I'm starting to break down. I have extreme paranoid over exaggerated thoughts and can't stand any one or the thought of any one talking about me. I'm writing this while just having a panick attack in the bathroom at work because some one said they saw...