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  1. Jbb79

    Making Meme-pictures x x

    Hi, I Make " Meme"-pictures, to describe, my mental state > > If I want to Discuss some-thing, Maybe anger, I Google for pictures, About "Angry", Or, "Rage" x xx Then I got to web-page meme better, the modern Meme Generator., and, there I Load the Pictures, then I Can write a little Text...
  2. B

    Struggling to care for BPD

    I'm new here so not sure how to start off. My wife suffers from BPD and over the past couple of years we've had some lows...but also some highs. I want to help her more when she has an episode but it seems like I may be making it worse. When my wife lashes out verbally I can't help but take it...
  3. H

    Is this depression?

    I don't know how to describe my feelings as I am always wary of exaggerating them and making them sound worse than they are, but here goes... I feel down most of the day. I feel most comfortable when I can stick to a set routine every day and get frustrated when I can't for sone reason. At work...
  4. L


    Hi everyone! My name is Kathryn and I just decided to join this place. I'm currently living with long term depression and I had a breakdown back in March, but I'm making steps towards rebuilding my life :)
  5. T


    okay i am a 19 year old gay male and ive suffered a lot of diffrent typees of intrusive thoughts from murder to sex to and violence but now i have a new one its TOCD i have never once in my life questioned my gender i have always been happy but now im doubting myself and the thoughts are making...
  6. T

    help please

    okay i am a 19 year old gay male and ive suffered a lot of diffrent typees of intrusive thoughts from murder to sex to and violence but now i have a new one its TOCD i have never once in my life questioned my gender i have always been happy but now im doubting myself and the thoughts are making...
  7. M

    supplement advice & help

    Hi I am 38yr old male and suffering terrible with depression, been like this for around 5 years, it all stems from constant bad heads and migraines and old sports injurys, where i am contantly in pain from them, this is whats making me depressed. I have come off meds because they were not...
  8. K


    Yet another newbie:whistle: looking forward to making some friends as i am a bit if a solitary soul
  9. F

    Help please

    Im on 5mg olanzapine and 20mg of fluoexetine for past 2 weeks. Since starting on the fluoxetine my anxiety has spiked and got much worse. I have health anxiety and last week got an hiv test (negative) and this week i have seen gp 4 times. I am physically well but terrified im ill all the time...
  10. S

    vulnerable groups

    how many of you think mentally unwell people are scapegoated as the cause of their problems, whether they be loneliness, sexual health issues or their fears [or paranoia] of what may happen to them if they allow others to control their decision making. basically, do you think you are in a...
  11. A

    Making a complaint

    I live in 24/7 supported housing. Been struggling lately. I decided I needed to speak to the police for support so mental health matters advised me just to let staff know what I was doing. The staff member I spoke to told me I'd be wasting police time (even though police had given me the...
  12. P

    Fear of being attacked

    Sometimes I have a strong fear of being attacked while I’m trying to successfully finish something. I feel like this is an emotional sign that I’ll make a long term goal in the future and I should be willing to sacrifice it if it means possibly ruining a life and making a fatal enemy.
  13. M

    Feeling guilty for my illness and not overcoming it

    I have intrusive thoughts. I fight them every day. It's an endless war that I'm not winning. It feels as though I've somehow wrapped myself into a loop of thoughts that I have become so accustomed to that I don't know how to break out of it. I think the emotional numbness is making it difficult...
  14. A

    Clopixol withdrawal

    i want to stop clopixol depot, my doc reduced the dosage to 150mg could i withdraw from there because these meds are making me really weak, i've been unwell all year.
  15. calmsea

    I started an audio journal

    I feel like I don't get many opportunities to express my feelings and thoughts uncensored, but yesterday I started an audio journal. I made a second entry today, and both entries are on a new youtube channel I made. The goal was just to be able to candidly talk about what I was feeling and...
  16. C

    Feeling better today...having weird thoughts though (nothing bad)

    :( I still feel like I am making this up in my head. Are these urges real? Why do I get them? Are they just going to go away like the other things I have obsessed about, then dropped once I got tired of them? They feel different, they come without warning. I don't know what is real anymore. I am...
  17. M

    Fatigue making it impossible to fight anxiety?

    From the age of 5 I have been suffering from anxiety and physical symptoms that I still experience, including unexplainable fatigue, complete emotional numbness, rushes in different parts of the body, acid reflux, and dizziness. I have lots of obsessive intrusive thoughts which keep playing...
  18. R

    Does it help to know someone is there for you?

    I'm asking what feel like some dumb questions right now, but I'm hoping the only stupid question is the one you don't ask... When you're depressed, does it help to know someone is there for you, even if they're not present? I feel like I'm treading a fine line between letting my depressed...
  19. Tired Daisy

    My neighbor is monitoring me

    So this could be purely paranoia or my gut instinct is correct. I think my neighbors might be making noise nuisance sheets about me and they have been doing it for some time. I'm not a noisy person I don't play music and if I do it be through headphones and I never watch TV as I'm mostly on...
  20. Funnyday

    Public transport

    I'm faced with having to use public transport. So I can go and buy a car from ebay. I was meant to go today but instead I sent a text telling them that I'm unwell. I really want the car as well. The thought of having to use busses is making me feel uneasy and dizzy. I don't want them thinking...