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  1. Jbb79

    Hi - - I'm down x xx

    I'm 39 Years old, don't have a family, a job or, a girl-friend x x I Feel as if my life is over, and, It's very tough, Right now . . . I have a 5-year Mandatory Meds Order, bec. I got into trouble, when I Found out Prolactin makes Testicles ( Ovaries, Too), Shrink, Over time x xx I Try to be...
  2. B

    Lost weight, putting it back on

    In the 2nd half of last year I lost weight...since boxing day my mood has been really low and comfort eating is what makes me feel better. The weight is starting to go back on and I can't stop myself eating crap 😢
  3. K

    Feeling unloved and unwanted

    Hi everyone this is my first time posting so here goes. I’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety for about 6 years now and I’ve seen doctors and been on multiple antidepressants and not much has changed. I’m going through a bit of a hard time with my boyfriend at the moment and it’s...
  4. W

    Prescriptions to you

    They send my mental health medication aripiprazole in the post now. If I'm not in the postman will leave it in my shed. I wouldn't mind but the drug makes you have suicidal thoughts!
  5. qwerty1234

    low self esteem

    I am COMFORTABLE with low self esteem. Who cares what the world says about low self esteem. It is satisfying to be selfcritical and have emotion and weakness... we don't have to be positive all the time, that makes no sense. I would rather be accepting, embracing, analytical, sincere. The...
  6. M

    For other people

    This is one of the worst things that can happen to someone. It traps you in your beliefs and disbeliefs. It makes you feel shame for any moment of pride. It sucks away your human emotion. It makes you feed into conspiracy just to try to understand what is happening to you. It makes you think...
  7. qwerty1234

    Feel like life is meaningless.

    I have no one to talk to and nothing makes me happy anymore.
  8. qwerty1234

    I get insecure really easily.

    I learned I have an anxious attachment style, which makes sense. I have been getting good email response from my boss and now I am having to wait for a reply and it makes me anxious. My thought is that I embellished my resume which I showed him and that he is upset about it. My thought is...
  9. Topcat

    Depression makes you ugly?

    Does anyone else find depression makes them more ugly? I know a negative outlook will see the negatives, but I mean I do nothing different with my face/hair yet my hair gets knotty and stringy, looks crap, my face just looks worse - dry skin or whatever. Maybe I'm just not taking the time to do...
  10. Deadheading

    Rage against humanity

    I am alone and I have been very unsuccessful finding friends online to talk to. No one writes back. Online is easier for me because they write in their little post about what they like or are interested in. It makes it easier for me to strike up a conversation when I know something about the...
  11. A

    I feel so alone and I don't know what to do

    I feel so alone. Everyone around me is getting married or buying a house with their S.O and I'm still in my bedroom crying. It's always in my head but sometimes the feeling is overwhelming. It fills every thought. It makes the muscles in my chest tense and makes each breath a little more...
  12. J

    No one is helping me with my anxiety. Help me, please!

    Hello everyone, this is my first time writing in a forum like this..I am 21years old,I love working out, I am a college student with a nursing major. For the past years and a half I've been having an anxiety attacks...I feel alone in this,my boyfriend he makes me feel so lonely.Last night I had...
  13. V


    Are there more bpd girls that find it extremely hard to talk about sex? Hard to say what you do and don't want? Is that typical for bpd? What makes it so hard? And how to deal with it?
  14. T

    Scared of Pregnant Women

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum and I just wanted to see if anyone has advice for the situation I'm in... I have had an irrational fear of pregnant women since I was a teenager. I can't look at them, I cross the street if they are walking towards me, and seeing a pregnant belly makes me...
  15. J

    Feeling unworthy of being loved

    I remember having a crush on this girl from college and I guess she liked me too but I never really asked because I thought I didn’t deserve her. Now she is married and I regret letting go of her just because I thought I didn’t deserve her love. Even now when I meet a girl and there is mutual...
  16. S

    Not you

    not you To every schizophrenic patient * If you are happy to say about you others you are crazy. * If you act in front of people as crazy. * If your behavior makes others criticize you. * If you love the unit. * When you stop competing. I will give you a great base. A schizophrenic...
  17. whitelection

    What's wrong with me?

    It is so frustrating how little I eat yet I still manage to have fat on me. Other girls my age eat mountains, but they're skinny. I have a friend who is an identical twin; both she and her sister eat nearly thrice the amount I do, but they look like models. I'm not a jealous person, however...
  18. meowy


    nice to meet you,, id like someone to talk to. i have no one to talk to about things like this, and it would be nice if u can listen to me. i am 24, with anxiety and depression that ive had for the majority of my life. id like to know if there is a mental disorder i might have been born with...
  19. J

    How did you /do i tell my therapist?

    Hi, so I've recently started therapy for depression and anxiety. I was raped a few years ago at a party and never told anyone for a number of reasons but recently I feel the need to get it off my chest as it's been affecting me more and more. But, I've never said the words out loud and even...
  20. J

    IMPORTANT - Advice needed, Thank you!

    Good afternoon, This is my first post in the forums. Please be kind because my english is not as good as your's may be. I will start with the beginning. My issue is that i analyze everything i think. It seems that sometimes this issue makes me a slow thinker and brings me near stupidity...