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  1. S


    Hey! Ive posted on a couple of different threads on here as my fiance hasnt ever said exactly what he has been diagnised with until last night when i felt the need to ring UK111as he is really starting to struggle with how he is feeling. Bit of back story, he was on Risperdrone for a failry long...
  2. D

    Just reaching out for support, feel trapped, extreme emotions

    Yes so I have been struggling to survive, I only do so really because there's people I don't want to upset, I don't actually care about myself on any level (can't even bring myself to shower, feel disgusted every time I walk past a mirror, I can barely think or concentrate today and as for my...
  3. C

    How can I make my sleep anxiety go away?

    Ever since I was a child, I have been terrified of sleeping by myself or in the dark. I used to climb into my parents bed when I was scared and it got so bad that my mom would lock the doors of their bedroom at night. As I got older, I began to become more exposed to horror films and shows that...
  4. S

    Confused about hearing voices

    Hello I am new to this site . I have been hearing voices for a few years now , mainly inside my head but the past few months they have been outside my head as if someone is in the room with me .? I am really struggling at the moment as the voices seem to follow me wherever I go, if I’m talking...
  5. Azelka


    Hey, my psychiatrist proposed to lower my meds but I'm scared not to feel alright anymore if she does this because I have in mind that this good feeling comes from the meds and not from me. What should I do? Am I right when I say that meds can make a person feel better in his shoes?
  6. I

    Any advice from introverts please ? what should I do ?

    I am an introverted male 50 yrs old, I have only just realised how introverted I am within the last 5 years, my wife is very extroverted and we are clashing. I grew up with a controlling father, lovely mother, I couldnt get on with my dad so rebelled, became estranged around the age of 25. I...
  7. N

    My lover isn't doing very well

    Hello, I'm not accustomed to talk on the internet so sorry if I seem "awkward" or post this thread on the wrong forum, honestly I'm quite anxious to speak about this in such a place haha. So I'm in a relationship with someone a little bit younger than me (I'll be 20 in 2019 and he'll be 17). A...
  8. O

    Its weird writing about yourself, right?

    Hey there, So…. I have recently discovered that I have suffered with anxiety and depression for about 10 years without even realising it. After hitting breaking point, I have now started taking medication in order to help deal with this after years of not telling anyone. This medication was not...
  9. I

    Hi everyone!

    Hi people! I have AvPD, which makes it hard to make friends in real life, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a chat with other people who can relate to my problems! It would also be nice to make some friends, so message me if youd like!
  10. L


    I just need to say this I guess. I don’t have anyone irl that would even come close to understanding how I feel. I try to talk with them about it but they just don’t get it. I constantly struggle with my depression and suicidal thoughts. Its really bad lately especially since what happened with...
  11. S

    hello from scotland

    hey, Im a male in my 30's I've had mental heath issues my whole adult life but I've been making progress recently. Hope to make some friends on here.
  12. J

    i need to feel ok again

    I haven't felt like this in a long time. when my depression spikes there's a temporary period of happiness beforehand, but this time...it felt like a truck. it feels like I've fallen in an abyss. I don't know what to think anymore, i'm so sick of the life i'm in. I'm so sick of doing everything...
  13. B


    Hi, I saw a psychiatrist today who suggested quietiapine. My problem is I’m terrified of weight gain because I’m struggling with an eating disorder. Can anyone tell me what it’s like to be on it? Does it make you put on weight even if you don’t eat much? Thanks
  14. A

    Try again?

    I guess this is most appropriate forum. I have been suicidal since 16, perhaps earlier, but that is the age I most remember being suicidal. I'm 26 now. I attempted when I was 22, and again about 1 year and 4 months ago, when I was 24. My first attempt was fairly halfassed as I only a higher...
  15. Azelka

    Does lithium make episodes of hypomania and depression last less long?

    Does lithium make episodes of hypomania and depression from bipolar last less long?
  16. H

    Unsure of what's wrong and what to do

    I'm posting this here since I have no idea what to class it as. So around the time I was 13 I started to stop being able to do anything for a long time. Things like school and even things I enjoyed and loved. Doing these things for a while start to make me demotivated and in general real down...
  17. T

    Great way to make a little money

    So I am trying to get myself out of a personal debt I owe to myself. Long story short I am considering ways to make ~£55 per week. I figure ~£11 per day would be suffice. Ideally in an hour. This is purely as a side saving project.
  18. G

    Embarrassed, anxious, obsessive thoughts

    Does anyone know any coping mechanisms for obsessive thoughts and feeling shame? I feel like everyone thinks I’m weird and is laughing at me. I have specific memories play in my head over and over and they come with a really embarrassed feeling. It has gotten a lot worse lately. I really want...
  19. letmein

    not really coping

    hello folks, hows you? sorry I don't post as much as I should, sorry I can't be any help right now.... I'm in a mess this end. really not coping with stuff..... my mood is slipping again, I'm reliant on my meds & just faking it..... not really sure how i'm going to make it through...
  20. E

    Hello there , looking forward in exchanging expiriences and struggles

    Hello, i'm new here, 23yrs old, and struggling with depression, anxiety and low self esteem and confiedence for more than 6 years. I had some really deep down periods that lasted for a quite long time, i had some good moments (i think that is really significant that all of us really mention...