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  1. cpuusage

    How I Healed my Bipolar Disorder

    How I Healed my ‘Bipolar Disorder’ - Mad In America "When my sister took me to the emergency room of the psychiatric hospital in January of 2013, I was simply a mess. I had barely slept for weeks, having visions of an evil, black shadow hovering over me and telling me to kill myself. All of...
  2. K

    Tribunal Refused - Upper Tier Tribunal? Or Is It Pointless?

    Hi everyone :) A friend of mine showed me this forum and I thought I would post myself. I hate giving a potted history of myself but at least online I won't get embarrassed/ashamed. I have had problems with agoraphobia, anxiety, panic attacks, severe depressive episodes, social anxiety, for...
  3. Not_Crazy_Yet

    My voices wont shut up

    I forgot to take my meds yesterday and I'm having a rough day. I have no alcohol or drugs so I cant escape. They just sort of snuck in on me and now they're tormenting me over all the bad choices I've made. I wish they would go away for a while.
  4. A


    Grammar is not my thing, i'm from elsewhere 21/M Well I knew that my life is going to be horrible since seven years old, my father was alcoholic, constant fear in home, constant emotional bashing definitely didn't help me to man up, it made me worse, it made me not who I should be, tho i'm not...
  5. L


    Hi all, My name is Louise, I'm joining the group as I'm going through a withdrawal phase of antidepressants and making a LOT of mistakes at work and boss is pissed. I'm currently on sick leave for a few days and need to go back with a different approach on doing things as I fear making a...
  6. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Do your voices give you visions?

    Do your voices ever show you things? Mine do on occasion. They will show me things like in the theater of the mind of how things could be different. Like for instance I just spit on the ground and they made it look like blood that I spit out for just a moment.
  7. B

    Sad thoughts all the time, having trouble sleeping

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, i didnt no where exactly to put it. This all started yesterday. I have a nephew who is nearly two, that I love beyond measure. Yesterday there was a article on Facebook that Jamie Bulger would now be 26 if he hadnt have been taken. The image of the little...
  8. S


    Last August, I had a serious mental breakdown. I had an argument with my husband that resulted in my anger erupting to a point wherein I self harmed. I have yet to live that down. My husband loves me. I know this. But he doesn't understand the isolation that my mental health puts me into. He...
  9. P

    Only like two rules for earth, it's very simple.

    Don't reproduce. And don't hurt anyone. That's about it. We'll be out in a short period and no one else has to suffer through this travesty of an existence and then die. I fear they will not let us out though. The ones who programmed it. I think they are growing us like plants and made it...
  10. mami5

    Feel different?

    Does anyone feel different since been diagnosed with BPD, or do you behave differently? Has the diagnosis changed you at all or are you the same? Sorry for the questions, but I'm really curious as I'm trying to work out if it's made any difference to me. I don't think it has, but it has...
  11. P

    Interdimensional sight.

    It's the worst and it's killing me. Seeing the great ones is very very scary. They are so big, so very huge. Beings so old and powerful they have made everything in existence. Planted every seed and given birth to all conscious beings besides themselves. Couldn't have believed in them had i...
  12. G


    I know I'm a hypocrite for saying this but I'm thinking of dropping my daughter home and killing myself tonight , I made friends again with people I was fighting with they abused my ex physically and emotionally I completely forgot bout it , now that I have made friends with them my ex is pissed...
  13. P

    Heavens are actually real you know.

    Makes me sad to know those places are real. Heavens and good places where there is real joy and wellness. They are peaceful places full of health and no deaths, no real pains either to speak of. A voice said as i thought of them "Don't do that to yourself. You are here and those things don't...
  14. E


    Hi guys, what treatment is everyone receiving? or previously received? both medicated and psychological. does anyone have a treatment that either didnt work for them at all or a treatment that made great improvements? thanks :mrgreen::dance:
  15. E

    How does everybody else deal with BPD?

    I am 21 and I have a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. I was actually diagnosed as a teenager. I was told by a psychiatrist when I was about 14 that if I 'didn't change' I will be diagnosed with BPD. Went home, looked up what it actually was and it made me feel completely worthless...
  16. A

    Is this weird

    I recently celebrated a 10 year anniversary with my hubby on a cruise. We were away from our kids for about a week. Some days before and during the cruise i couldnt even enjoy myself because i was so worried that something bad was going to happen to me or my kids while we we were away. I...
  17. G

    Did I make myself a pedophile

    I've been dealing with something lately. I never used to have a problem with it but the more stuff I've read I really don't know how to think. People saying that if you like shota your a pedophile and equating it with child porn and all that... I just wanted a little help from you guys. I just...
  18. G

    Feels Like I'm All Alone With Everyone Around Me

    Hello, I have been diagnosed with depression 11 years ago at 13. I had been admitted to hospitals through adolescence but since becoming an adult, I've learned my lesson about sharing how I feel publicly because opening my mouth only gave me unwanted attention. I have been on medication...
  19. P

    Our makers are very advanced.

    They really are quite advanced. They are just assholes though. This is a fine tuned highly advanced piece of shit creation. They even made the dinosaurs. What the fuck is that shit about? Huge lizards made of the earth's slop you know. Big shitting bloody lizards made of slop. It's very...
  20. G

    SDP Cliam - How Long?

    Getting a little concerned about a recent SDP claim I have made and wondered if anyone here can help out? I found this forum via a Google search which linked to a similar query but that thread ended in 2012 so I though I would set out my situation afresh. In late July of this year I made a...