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  1. S


    Hi All I was hoping that i could get some assistance here. In January i left a lovely office (lets call it company A) where i knew lots and lots of people and had many friends . I had flexibility and a very good salary. My head was turned by a recruiter and i accepted a position (Company...
  2. boudreauj4

    I'm using a turkey frier to make maple syrup

    I borrowed a friends outdoor, propane turkey fryer to boil maple tree sap to make syrup. But it has a timer on it which shuts off the flame every 15 minutes unless I reset it. I guess they made it this way as a safety precaution to force people to check on it at least every 15 minutes. So I...
  3. C

    Hi I feel really let down by mental health services.

    I had a psychosis back in 2009. I was reffered to e.i.p. they just made me feel worse. I'm still struggling now.. not with psychosis. Other stuff.
  4. B

    Debt and addiction

    I am swimming in debt, I can't make my rent or bills this week, I have no money and little food. I am struggling with drugs. I have made so many mistakes in my short life and feel as if I can do nothing to come back from any of them. I really do not want to carry on, I am a walking...
  5. K

    What i will i miss.

    Things i can never go back to or look at the same anymore. I used to tell her to go but all i really wanted was for her to stay. My stupid self right? Anyways. My favorite go to TV shows. Supernatural and Walking Dead. Shows i wanted to see like River-dale. I seriously miss getting some quick...
  6. D

    Being controlled

    Hi I'm new My schizophrenia is messed up and I can't find anyone else who has what I have. Basically I'm 28 and started hearing voices 4 years ago. But on top of that my body is being controlled by this voice. That means every single muscle can be controlled and even my speech. It doesn't...
  7. W

    Welfare:Written statement - HCWS414

    Welfare:Written statement - HCWS414 - UK Parliament Welfare:Written statement - HCWS414 WS Department for Work and Pensions Made on: 19 January 2018 Made by: Esther McVey (The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions) HCWS414 Welfare Supporting people with mental health conditions is a top...
  8. L

    Questions for the cyclothymics?

    Hey guys, just a couple of questions regarding cyclothymia. Would love to hear personal experiences as I've probably read it to death. What are your hypomanic and depressed states for you personally? How often does it cycle? What made your doctors reach that diagnosis? There's more but I've...
  9. B


    Hello all, I could really use some advice and possibly kind words. I’ve struggled with anxiety for a few years now, which makes it hard for me to let go of certain thoughts. I keep obsessing and panicking about things and sometimes it feels like it spirals out of control. When I feel like I’ve...
  10. H

    A promise i made

    So in short, I met a friend online and she's so amazing , we have so much in common , and we both self harm, she brought up the idea (that i hate so much now ) that we both dont cut , like a promise we make to one another, and i find it so fucking hard to hold, especially with the problems im...
  11. Kottery

    Unsure of what to do, First time I've felt something might not be right

    Unsure of what to do, First time I've felt something might not be right Hey there, like the title says I'm not sure what exactly to do in my situation. Part of me says I'm fine while the other part of me says to see a doctor just to be safe. First off, sorry if this is the wrong section to put...
  12. S

    Complete Wreck

    Hi, there. I've posted on this forum before but not often. But I feel the need now to reach out to people who can understand and emphasize. I have no positive symptoms of Schizophrenia now, being on the anti-psychotic depot injection, but I suffer from almost all of the negative ones. There's...
  13. B

    What is the difference between psychosis in bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder?

    What is the difference between psychosis in bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder? I heard of a person who had bipolar disorder type 2 and he was psychotic since the age of 5 (talking about death and suicide at that young age).It made me wonder could someone have bipolar psychosis from...
  14. Alex_Nash

    How do I stop being self centered

    All this loneliness made me self centered. I am able to myself in other position but I don't have the necessary knowledge to help them. How do I help others? This random girl asked if i could carry her stuff up the stairs to tram. I accepted. I felt this emotion: confidence which made me happy...
  15. V

    BBC Radio 1 'My mind and me'

    did anyone hear this on the radio, or see the video version on iPlayer? nearly made me cry listen to it in the car, so i got home and watched it on iplayer. again nearly made me cry. I liked how other than their problems they seemed very 'normal' people, i could relate to ALOT of what they...
  16. L


    I recently read about a person bullied by pupils and teachers and the way she solved the problem by moving schools. Why is it that the bullies always get protected? Those who bullied should have been held accountable. It's like the victims of bullying are often made to have counselling this is...
  17. tiltawhirl

    Sharing smiles

    :mrgreen: for me it is the simple things. Last night we tried a new recipe..new to my hubs, anyway, and he was so impressed and seriously loved it. that made me feel wonderful and gratified. I felt like I had done something really good. like value added to life. Just recalling it makes me...
  18. letmein

    feeling unloved

    not really dealing with my shit right now.... feeling very unwanted and uloved, I know this is my own fault i can't return those feeling to others. I am a nasty person. so god has made me this way and how i feel. sorry just need to vent words.
  19. S

    In a bad way

    Hello, I am suffering from bad depression (I think), I will not go into details as it would take too long. I was referred to NHS mental people some time ago, they were so bad they made me worse, again I will not go into details here, although I will add I made two suicide attempts, one failed...
  20. E

    Fell out with my mother over depression

    Hi all, I have suffered with depression and anxiety on and off for a few years now but this past year has been the worst for me. I am on sertraline 50mg and propronalol 140mg. I had a really upsetting episode the other morning and ended up on the phone to the crisis team. I won’t go into all...