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  1. E

    Hi. I'm new here

    I've joined as my husband has schizoaffective disorder and I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment. He is in denial over his diagnosis and often stops his medication. At times he has lied and said he has taken it even though he hasn't. Just before we married a few months ago he had a severe...
  2. I

    depression and social anxiety at university

    I've just started my second semester of my first year at university. I have a history of social anxiety and depression and all of my bouts of depression in the past have resulted from frustration of being unable to socialise with people and feeling left out. I moved away from home to go to...
  3. A

    Hi 👋

    Hi, I have bipolar 1 and my partner has ocpd. Both of us has just come to accept that changes need to be made, so here I am.
  4. L

    Developing friendships when you have agoraphobia and social anxiety

    Hi everyone. I'm new here and I think this is a heavy post for my first time posting, but here it goes. I'm hoping for some advice about trying to make a friend. I'm sure to a normal person, this would be super easy, but I'm not normal. :rolleyes: When I was in my teens, I was diagnosed with...
  5. Artmuzz

    Problem with relative

    I usually get a Christmas card from my aunt as we always exchange Christmas cards. However, this Christmas I didn’t get a card from her which made me ask neighbours if they had recieved it by mistake because my postman often makes mistakes. None of my neighbours received the card so I texted my...
  6. O

    'fat & slutty'

    I have always felt different and socially awkward. I often say the wrong thing and seem to rub people up the wrong way in my social life. My work with the Homeless is something that I excel in. Helping someone else helps me forget my own problems, even if it is only for a short while. Right...
  7. L

    Is this degeneralisation?

    So, im dealing with a complex situation at the moment without detail.. i just came out of an eposode (only three beers.. maybe tipsey) i drew some pictures of what i thought of humanity and visualised myself hanging on a wall.. dead.. with all the words people have ever called me.. and imagined...
  8. D

    10 days in mental hospital, feeling blue after release

    A little background: I'm a 25 year old male living in the midwest of the United States. Due to what I now know are delusions I have isolated myself since I was 15 years old. I haven't had a single friend since I was 14 and have only left my home 4 times in the last 8 years. I haven't spoken...
  9. boudreauj4


    It's 4:00 am now. I'm tired. I've been up since 1:00 because the voices won't shut up and let me sleep. I tried doing something to try to distract myself. I made some scotcheroo treats. Why won't they leave me alone? I'm so tired of this. I'm tired of fighting this. Why do I bother?
  10. LexLoofer

    When you're not a morning person...

    I've never been a morning person. I like my sleep. But I've been going through some medication changes that have made sleep difficult and I've been waking up about 2 hours earlier than usual. This has made mornings hard for me. I wake up either irritable or sad. I start feeling anxious. I...
  11. L


    I'm lost. I have a history with depression. Long enough that I believe its sunk into my bones. I have low self-esteem, I'm alone, I'm scared, and am in constant pain. I've been told from a past co-worker that I am one of the most pessimistic-optimistic person they have ever met. I am filled to...
  12. W

    I don't wanna be alive

    Hello! Since I was 6 years old, I think, I've experienced anxiety! Because, at the age of 6 I started to understand things, about who I was and how people expressed themselves about other people regarding ethnicity and apperance. I don't wanna tell you where I''m from, but I can say that one...
  13. InfiniteRectangles

    My Therapist Made My Day

    I've been feeling pretty disappointed in myself. I feel like I'm not making progress fast enough. I've been afraid of disappointing my therapist because of this. However, today my therapist talked to me about how far I've come and how well I'm managing certain situations and it really just made...
  14. F

    This is my first post... I need help.

    Hi. I'm new here, but I need someone to talk to about my situation because I actually have 0 friends, and my family has made it abundantly clear they will not help me. I've been unemployed since June, I was fired because I ran out of my medication for 1 week, and was told I was "Scaring the...
  15. S

    When you feel well again

    Don't you just find it so unfair that after abit of an episode (for me caused by insomnia)or people find out you have a mental health illness all of a sudden everything you say gets made out to be bat shit crazy even if what your sayings true and your back to full health and mental clarity.
  16. C

    The samaritans

    I really dislike the samaritans service. Every time I've phoned it's just made me feel worse. Has anyone else had this problem?
  17. P

    Craft group should I leave?

    Hi, seems wrong to be posting this on here when people are dealing with serious problems but I need an opinion on a minor worry I have, I've got no friend in 'real life' to ask. My cpn wanted me to join a ' craft group' so I did. I liked some of the women there,( though I don't like doing...
  18. S


    Hello everyone, I just made an account and thought that I should say hi. You can call me Sunflower. I am early-mid 20's in age, and located in Colorado (USA). I am extremely shy so I'm not sure how much posting I will actually be doing, but I am very nice and would love to be an ear to talk to...
  19. AliceinWonderland

    PIP assessors assessing those with mental health issues NEED to be qualified in mental health

    PIP assessors assessing those with mental health issues NEED to be qualified in mental health I had a paramedic for my PIP face to face. I asked if she was trained in mental health. She said yes, but I don't expect it was more than brief awareness training. She wasn't a mental health...
  20. V

    It's all lies...

    I have multiple complaints to make because I made a complaint against the NHS who then set me up with a mental health team who ruined my life with multi-agency interventions.... It's ruined my life .... I look at the piles of papers to complain but they just get out of it manipulating the...