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  1. R

    I think I really am a terrible person

    Hi, I always thought I was a reasonably nice and caring person. Apparently thou according to a friend I sexually harassed him and that’s why he always hits on me. I don’t have casual sex because it’s one of my values and I had told him that many tines yet he still asks if he can sleep with me...
  2. I

    Father of adult BPD son needs help

    My son is 33 years old and was diagnosed with BPD about 5 years ago. He pegs the meter on all the symptoms. He's functional with a good job but has had bad relationship problems over the years. His girlfriend just dumped him which triggered him to get drunk and threaten suicide. He's been in...
  3. L

    The funny side of misery.

    I'd like to know if anyone else finds them self laughing or making jokes about themselves, or the things that depression makes them do. Sure I spend a long time in tears, and desperate, and a mess. I do my best to avoid talking to people, or holding a conversation if I can, but I have started...
  4. C

    Extreme guilt over potentially offending my best friend...

    Hi Everyone, I am extremely socially aware and politically correct as is my best friend and I made a comment complaining about a teacher at uni who was incredibly rude and bad their job and disregarded me when I asked for help with an assignment and she hasn't spoken to me in 2 days and sent...
  5. Deadheading

    Interesting video about BPD and loneliness

    YouTube Seems interesting enough. The part where he says we can feel alone in a large group of people is the story of my life. My a-hole ex-relatives did that to me, yet somehow I'm in the wrong for getting mad at them. They frickin' deserved to get hurt by me.
  6. J

    This Girl Is Driving Me Mad

    I have OCD and always wanted a girlfriend. A couple of months ago I found a girl on this autistic dating site I'd seen in the past. She was too much so people on forums said I should dump her. After dumping her she still wouldn't stop calling and messaging me every day and I had no choice but...
  7. P

    advice on situation

    Hi all, new to the forum. Quick background, I suffer from health anxiety and general anxiety. Had it under control for the last few months (CBT). Having recent spikes...but that's not what I need assistance with. I have been increasingly on edge and last night my wife and I had a small...
  8. X

    My Sister is Acting Strange

    I've been living with my older sister for the past 10 months or so. We've been away from each other for a prolonged amount of time but now that I see her everyday, I notice that she's a little strange. It doesn't seem to bother her that much since I see no effort from her to change but it...
  9. T

    Lost filling driving me mad

    I was flossing my teeth and one of my fillings just came out! I cant stop touching the hole with my tongue, its driving me mad. This kind of thing sets of my ocd.
  10. D

    good idea to increase seroquel ?

    Hi i been on seroquel since May for Paranoid thoughts and sleep it seem to work okay but now it seems like it does't work good anymore Examples I am getting the Paranoid thoughts and need to take the dose earlier in the evening and sometimes it does not even work i need to take lunesta to get...
  11. S

    General Questions.

    Hi there. I've posted a few times and I'd like to post again. Firstly, I want to talk about at what ages you were diagnosed. I was diagnosed in my early twenties but I'm wondering if I had the illness of schizophrenia my whole life or at a younger age. If I had the disease at a young age it...
  12. J

    Bad Experience Getting Banned From Forums For Having Mental Health

    This probably hasn't happened to anyone else but if certain forums find out a person has mental health they instantly give you a permanent ban and get very nasty and evil about it. This is what I found out tonight on 1 particular forum. I was so mad I sent the site admin the most abusive...
  13. shaky

    Back on the meds :(

    I'm back on the meds - and I don't feel good. Just no happiness, fun or enthusiasm for anything This is what it does - It's like being depressed It's crap :mad:
  14. L

    The people with mental health problems that are being stripped of their benefits

    The people with mental health problems that are being stripped of their benefits ‘I have lost hope’: the people with mental health problems who are being stripped of their benefits | Society | The Guardian Depressing stuff. The government are deliberately trying to get people to kill...
  15. S

    Got a DWP transmitter embedded under my skin.

    If I could remove I would. They've got it filled with cyanide I reckon. Worse than the KGB. Can't get angry with them cos they'll cut my benefits lifeline. Boiling mad inside though. If you don't obey them they can press a button and destroy you. If you do obey them they will destroy you...
  16. J

    What's the point

    I'm new to the forum. Feeling extremely low and have been told talking helps.(although it hasn't yet). My life feels so empty. I'm struggling to find my place. Have a broken heart that hurts so much and a mind that can't turn off the memories, to the point that it's driving me mad. I can't...
  17. nickybow86

    Singing in my head .. going mad

    I'm waking myself up constantly singing in my head !! It's driving me mad .. just random songs ... ugh :curseyou:
  18. C

    Dont know how much more I can take

    I’m hoping if anyone *here can make sense o*f what is going on wi*th my 24 year old dau*ghter. She was diagno*sed with social anxie*ty in her teens and w*ent on to develop cli*nical depression. Sh*e is currently awaiti*ng an aspergers asses*sment. She has had v*arious treatments lik*e...
  19. M

    Getting mad at the most stupidest things

    I do not know what it is but i have been getting mad at the most stupidest things. My girlfriend and I were at Walmart and the cashier was bagging our items. She was putting way to many items in one of those thin bags they give out. I started getting mad and said now i have to do your job also...
  20. BrianHorlicks

    Seeing Mental Illness as a Spiritual Illness.

    Seeing Mental Illness as a Spiritual Illness - Mad In America