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  1. N


    Hi, Morning Folks, My mother had taken her blood pressure, we have a machine unit at home, and it was high. There's a GP Hub, set up for out of hours in the Enfield area, so she might well prefer and is going to book up an appointment for there, rather than A and E. And I discovered, that I...
  2. Zadkiel


    Hello there. I'm Zadkiel. As you can imagine, I entered the forum to reach out for help from other people that may or not have the same dilemmas and problems as me. I want to achieve a deeper understanding of my situations, and the emotions that arise from them. While I'm emotionally...
  3. C

    Alpha stim machine

    Had a brief episode of psychosis, suffering with feeling emotionally flat and depression like symptoms. Has anyone tried the alpha stim machine and is it worth giving it a go if I have suffered a brief break from reality
  4. Kerome

    Gurdjieff, being asleep and waking up

    I thought I would start by writing a little about George Gurdjieff. He was an early 20th century Armenian Mystic who wandered all over Europe in the 1920’s, and he taught that first of all man was actually asleep. Man was a machine, doing the same things over and over again. This sleep basically...
  5. W

    I think I have a brain machine in my brain

    People kiss me using it and it makes me hurt myself
  6. F

    Irrationality and psychosis

    How much do you think they are connected or unconnected? For example one of the reasons I don't wash much, aside from forgetfulness and lack of motivation, being somewhat irrational. The irrational part being if I don’t bath much then I won’t change clothes much and the washing machine will...
  7. Nikita

    New Machine treats anxiety and depression and to replace drug treatment!

    New Machine treats anxiety and depression and to replace drug treatment! Shock therapy device to treat depression, stress and anxiety being trialled by the NHS - Mirror Online
  8. E

    Why ruffle feathers?

    The aim is to make a nest, right? Thats why we came here? To be fruitful and multiply on the handy widgets the machine supplies. We could build a Great Wall,
  9. BorderlineDownunder

    The Impact of AI on the Future of Mental Health

    Just done some reading about AI or Artificial Intelligence. Already its everywhere, we just don't realize it. Google search is an example. This technology is exploding in leaps and bounds and it is predictable that we will be able to build psychiatrists. Or more correctly, in the future...
  10. H

    appt with different person than expecting.

    during a primary mental health team screening or something like that,a nurse i saw about a month ago was suppose to be talking to a pdoc about my medication i think and getting back to me, have not heard anything. then i seen my gp 2 weeks ago and he said he would arrange a telephone appt with...
  11. bobshocker

    the lawnmower

    My wife who fucking hates me. Bought a fucking petrol mower . Im the only bugger thatcan get that mother fucker started .i come home everyy other weekend to primarily see the kids . Yet she still insists on me starting that bastard machine. I fucking hate that mechanical peice of smoking...
  12. N

    Out This Afternoon, with my parents

    HI All, I'm ok mental health wise, just to let you all know, that I shall be out with my parents this afternoon, and it's for mental health reasons, that, when parents do go out, I don't like to be on my own in at home, for several hours, and until they return, not that anything mental illness...
  13. Breakingtraining77

    CPAP machine

    Any of my fellow BP's on a CPAP? Did it take you a while to get used to? I started a month or so ago and its been really....weird. It does cause you to snore less (if not completely) but I feel like a cross between Bane and Immortal Joe.
  14. B

    bipolar without medication

    Hey friends, What do you think bipolar patient without medication? I got different kind medications previous 8 month regulary. I felt like, i am a machine without any sense. So I thought to stop my medication. I know it is not vise decision. But what is the meaning of living as a machine. So I...
  15. D

    Just so unlucky

    Im not supersticious, but i cant help but wonder if my bad luck is down to being born on a friday the 13th. Im probably just looking for anything to pin it on. But jeez, it literally is just one thing after the other. I keep telling myself that you can only go so far down before things start...
  16. U

    Feeling Unworthy

    Hey yep hello all, I am feeling a bit crappy about something my Social Worker said today, I was sectioned on a 136 the other night which was brutal to say the least. so today my Social Worker came to see me and we chit chatted about stuff and stuff, she said I need to get some exercise...
  17. D

    Binging and lying

    Hello all: New guy here on the forum. I hope I can meet some wise people to comment and offer a different perspective on my experiences and also maybe be able to offer a wise word or two for someone else. That's the plan anyway :) So to the topic of binging and lying. My wife is a wonderful...
  18. C

    Coping With Flashbacks

    Ideas for coping with flashbacks Tell yourself you are having a flashback and that it is ok and very normal in people who were traumatised as children (or as adults). Remind yourself that the worst is over – it happened in the past, but it is not happening now. The “child” inside you who...
  19. C

    in an arse of a mood!

    Hi guys! Everyone ok? So, 3rd day of no cigs and the irritability kicking in now! Everything making me wanna slap someone today...next door talking too loud....grrr!!...cars keep pulling up outside 4 takeaway & block my tv signal....grrr!!....I'll give it another 2 days til I crack!! Hey, that...
  20. V


    Someone gave me a coffee. The cup was much fuller than usual (it comes out of a machine). I already felt paranoid then. I drank it anyway. Now I have a stomach ache and I feel sick. I never have that. What do I do?