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  1. M

    Lsd induced psychosis

    Hello everybody, on 2015 summer i took lsd and it caused psychosis that lasted about a week, i was paranoid and delusional. Then i was given neuroleptic - Risperidone. I was on 2mg, now im on 1.5mg. + im taking Zoloft (sertraline) antidepressant. So everything would be fine, but the worst thing...
  2. NicoretteGummed

    Hallucinogen Persisiting Perception Disorder. (HPPD)

    This is quite a new diagnosis pioneered by an amazing individual called Dr. Henry Abraham. If you have had long term Perceptional differences like Visual snow, Strange Aura's and colours being much much brighter as well as Panic and distress and even PTSD as a result of Hallucinogen use...
  3. P

    Triggered by LSD

    My voices began when I was spiked with LSD in 1978. I've been in and out of psychiatric care ever since. My voices include my late mother, although it's not a nice version of her. The voices also told me that they would kill someone close to me if I didn't obey them. and then 2 days later my...
  4. F


    I grew up in the late 60's and early 70's when LSD was popular and knew many who were using it. Don't hear about it anymore so wondering if it is still around and common among some drug users.
  5. W

    LSD induced psychosis, manifesting life long mental problems

    Hi everybody. Ive got a story to tell. When I was 19 years old, I 'freaked out' on LSD. If anyone asks for details about the experience Id be glad to elaborate, but for now I want to say that the results of it have meant Ive had to live a life of mental anguish. I am now 37. It seemed to...
  6. T

    how shit is this my poor mum lsd !!!!

    hi i have posted before i dont know if there are any old phychiatric nurses about ,,, but my mum is 67 and in 1963 suffered nervous breakdown and was sent to as they used to call nut house ,,,,, i am quite close to my mum and i know that she has mental health issues ie,,, agrophobia ...
  7. J

    So much for God or Marius Romme

    I have been reading 'Living with Voices' by Marius Romme and Sandra Escher. They say that its caused by trauma, too much LSD more like. Most of these cases hear about 3 voices or maybe 5 or 7 voices. I see and hear the whole population talking to me, what is the intended message behind that I...
  8. S


    i wonder if my illness is a direct consequence of abusing lsd when i was a teenager. i also abused amphetamines and ecstacy which caused me enough grieve but its the lsd im wondering about im convinced i still have flash backs 15 years later:scared: