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  1. Zardos


    Its back !! Big is back.. Because bigger is better.. 6000 SUX ! an American tradition Hi Guys :) Sorry I've been keeping you all hangin'... I've been a busy fool..That is busy doing nothing.. The last few days are all a dizzy blur... I haven't been eating.. So there has been no reason to go...
  2. D

    Hi everyone

    Hi is there anyone from Edinburgh? or Scotland :wine:
  3. E


    Hello to anyone who is reading this :) my names Laura. I've recently joined the forum and would love to make some friends. I've suffered with depression and anxiety for the past five years - life has most definitely been challenging but I'm still here :innocent: anyway I shall look forward to...
  4. ThisGirl


    I haven't posted for awhile since having a really horrific, rock bottom weekend not too long ago so sorry to those who have private messaged me. I still don't even feel like talking about what happened but I'm looking at rehabs soon and wanted to give some hope to people in a similar situation...
  5. W


    :hi: I'm WillowOak ^_^ I have depression, some anxiety, too many siblings and not enough cats. Not sure how and why I'm here but that's my life and I'm looking forward to seeing how this works out. Sending peaceful, gentle energy to all :loveshower:
  6. E

    Hey! I'm here ! :)

    Hi! :) I'm EllisGiveItAway61, I'm from Italy, and I've just started being on this foorum. I've suffered depression, one year ago had the first signals; now I probably am bipolar,-because I'm sure what I experience at times is hypomania- but I'm not on meds -because I don't want my parents to...
  7. M

    Things are going great!

    I'm finally getting my life together. I'm taking on a free home course through the Union at work about mental health in the workplace and then after that a social work course, I'm sorting out Counselling, I'm back at work (ok only part time at the moment but still) and loving my new temp...
  8. Pierrot

    Massive hug!

    Dear friends, Just wanted to send a massive hug (wish it could be a real one!) to every single one of you who feels like self harming once in a while, or daily. I've been there myself and I know it's a terrible lonely place to be in. :low: It's a good thing you've found this place, just to...
  9. Closure


    Salutations all! I recently discovered that group therapy is of no use to me; I feel incongruous and to me it's a waste of my time. So I thought giving a forum like this a try. :flowers: my struggles are real struggles but not indelible - so my focus at the moment isn't to erase them but keep...