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  1. G

    Can anybody relate?

    I sometimes feel like I have so much love in my life but also feel so alone at the same time. Can anybody relate? Geoff
  2. H

    Is this depression?

    I don't know how to describe my feelings as I am always wary of exaggerating them and making them sound worse than they are, but here goes... I feel down most of the day. I feel most comfortable when I can stick to a set routine every day and get frustrated when I can't for sone reason. At work...
  3. G

    My name is Geoff!

    Hello everyone, My name is Geoff and I struggle pretty badly with a multitude of mental health issues. I tend to find I spend a lot of time on Facebook which is definitely not helping so I decided to make this mental health forum my startup page in Google Chrome. I hope this works out. My...
  4. R

    Does my ex-girlfriend suffer from bipolar disorder?

    Dear members, I am from Germany and looking for help and support. Unfortunately, I cannot find many information on german webpages, thus I signed up here to get some support and your assessment. Current situation is quite complicated. My ex-girlfriend broke up 2 months ago as she lost...
  5. C

    sending love across the forum!

    Hi! I have been a member here for a while and before that I read the forum without being a member, so i have a few years of following closely the forum and the lives of the posters! I do not have the energy to post much anymore but I do still read and care about my fellow MHF posters. I have...
  6. T

    the story of my life

    It is quiet. Around here, around me. In me. Birds stopped singing, trees stopped moving, waters stopped flowing. Everything came to a halt. It is silent. Who am I? What is my purpose here? Will I ever have a purpose? Will I be fighting alone in my life? Alone. Lonely. Will I be able to cope with...
  7. R

    Hello everyone

    I'm 22 and I have mental health problems from two years now. At first I was treated for depression, but maybe that's not the major problem. I really need some place where I can talk about these stuff because no one around actually understands how hard is it for me to fight my demons. My friends...
  8. P

    I need help

    I'm afraid that I am now a sociopath. I digged too deeply in the reality of the world and now I have seen the truth. About a week ago i started having a series of disturbing thoughts regarded the world and how it is a fucked up place. Thoughts on random fears and thoughts that life is suffering...
  9. P


    Hey Everyone! I'm hoping I can get help to rid myself from bulimia. Hope you can message me. Love you guys!
  10. S

    Relationship anxiety.. Help

    Okay so.. I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for around 13 months. I have crazy relationship anxiety and I had it in my previous relationships as well. I love my boyfriend to death and I am always asking for reassurance such as “do you love me” “do you want to break up with me” “do...
  11. R

    Hello, Im a newbie

    Hello everyone! Im schizophrenic and I hear voices. But there voices are arguing about me. These are people that I think about. When I think about somebody, they talk back to me and it is bothering me. It happens everyday. Im on medication and I have been on depot injection once a month for...
  12. tragicpink

    potential relationship sabotage

    i'm not sure what to do or who to talk to. i'm in my first normal, happy, healthy relationship. my last real relationship was a very toxic one. we had a very intense and passionate love but he was also very emotionally unstable and would often flip out at me and become a very hurtful person. it...
  13. N

    Why should I do when I feel so hollow?

    Hi, everybody. This is my first time around here, and I have been reading a couple of threads here and there, and I wanted to know if anybody has an advice for me. I have been diagnosed with depression, and I have a therapist which I visit monthly, but even with that, I have been...
  14. J

    A Love for Everything

    Sometimes I care too much... How about you? With love.
  15. J

    ROCD out of nowhere

    Hi, this is my first time posting at this forum. So, I have a girlfriend for some time now and I love her so much, you know how it goes. But recently, out of nowhere, thoughts started coming to my mind. I'm constantly asking myself do i love her, do i feel happy with her as I did some time ago...
  16. My_Second_Chance

    I'm Confused!

    This attachment style is soo confusing. When I tell him I love him and I want us to commit one day. He pushes me away and distances himself. Doesn't reply to my texts and avoids going out with me when I iniate. Says not loving him would make things easier and doesn't feel the same way as I do...
  17. A

    I just got diagnosed- again

    Hello everybody! I am new to the forum, so hello. I am Allegra from Italy. I have just been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. I already had been diagnosed before, but I did not really pay much attention to it. I had been told it's no big deal, and I functioned perfectly, so I had...
  18. Fairy Lucretia

    miss you all xx

    hope everyone is okay as they can be am trying to post more but right now just want me maddie and aunt not very healthy but all i can deal with i look on here sometimes though to see how you are all doing and think about this place often sending so much love and cuddle and good wishes to you...
  19. Z

    Anxiety Attacks Preceded with Strong Feelings of Love and Joy?

    So, this has happened a handful of times in the last couple months, and talking to my best friend, he's had it happen too. Sometimes I'll just get this overwhelming feeling of joy and love with no specific direction for it. And it just kind of builds up seeing as I have no outlet. There's...
  20. T

    Being ignored by family

    I keep being put through this with a friend or cousin. For a while everything is good, we are close, texting and emailing, meeting and laughing, then suddenly it all stops and they don't answer or reply. I am then left wondering what is wrong. Sometimes they are not well, sometimes the gossips...