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  1. Per Ardua Ad Astra

    Camille and Kennerly the Harp Revolutionaries

    This is feel good music. I was just listening to it as the Sun shines through my lounge windows, for the first time with any conviction and strength since the snow lol :)
  2. Chopsy

    NEW experiences with 'VOICES'....

    Risks as i opened the lounge door to go through into the kitchen, i heard the word 'risks'....i heard this word as a thought voice ..... the word was put in my mind... for me....... as guidance, advice & 'help'. As i got into the lounge i was going to leave the lounge door open [as in my...
  3. S

    what is this lunacy??? just hit me how absurd this is

    Get this for odd and inappropriate behaviour- so knowing that my assessment is near I've almost been acting out worse than usual. I've been depressed these past few weeks but with off the scale energy levels. When I'm like this I barely talk because when I do it sounds like I'm a really annoying...
  4. L

    Safe Rooms

    Does anyone have a specific room that they feel safer in. Ironically for me mines now the bedroom and being in bed. We have recently moved house and my lounge is at the front of the house with the path leading to the front door going straight past the lounge window, so anyone coming to the...
  5. C


    Hi i have been diagnosed with schizo affective disorder and am having a bad time at the moment. I think my husband is trying to kill me, he keeps trying to make me take more of my medication than i should. I am also diabetic and he keeps telling me to take too much insulin. Also things keep...