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  1. K

    Scared of loud sudden sounds?

    Well i'm not sure if this is a phobia or if my ears are extremely sensitive. I can't stand loud sudden sounds as they scare me and i start to get really anxious and sweating. so i have to hold my ears e.g -thunderstorms -fireworks -ballons and other type of loud sudden sounds but if i go to...
  2. J

    How did you /do i tell my therapist?

    Hi, so I've recently started therapy for depression and anxiety. I was raped a few years ago at a party and never told anyone for a number of reasons but recently I feel the need to get it off my chest as it's been affecting me more and more. But, I've never said the words out loud and even...
  3. S

    The Crazy Lady That Randomly Screams

    That's probably what my neighbors think of me,that I am just this crazy lady that they hear letting out a loud scream at random times throughout the week. I have moved into a new town,in an apartment surrounded by other apartments.The walls are not paper thin to where you can hear everything...
  4. C

    I did it.

    ...I finally admitted it out loud (to myself) and to other people on a subreddit I frequent. I said it. I can't accept it though. Not fully. My heart gets sick when I even think of it, and I want to deny it. I don't want to stop doing it. It is so complicated and my heart is torn between...
  5. valleygirl

    I feel like I am abandoning a whole lot of children

    I feel like there is this loud, blaring siren inside of me telling me that I did the wrong thing in leaving my job for a job closer to home. It's still the same company, just a different location. The commute was exhausting, and expensive. Gas prices where I live are just about the highest in...
  6. shaky

    2/3 autistic?

    I watched that programme 'Are you Autistic?' taht was on Channel 4 I reckon I fit 2 of the categories. I have social difficulies (looking people in the eye is HARD and HORRIBLE' I am poor at changing track - once I'm doing something I keep doing it. But the sensory bit - being oversentistive - I...
  7. N

    My Schiophrenia Based Coniditions Mixed Up = Flared Up/Before and After holiday/vacation

    My Schiophrenia Based Coniditions Mixed Up = Flared Up/Before and After holiday/vacation Hi Folks, Since before the holiday, and during, my szchiophrenia based condiitons have not been happy. I have been having disruptive sleep, a lot, and also my mild acute forms of anxiety and paranoia...

    Have your voices improved with time?

    My voices have improved with time, so much that I am hoping one day it will be silent. They used to be very loud and shout at me. Sometimes it would wake me up at night with a loud voice. I used to hear voices outdoors when I was walking, but these days it does not happen. This episode of...
  9. P

    Can you pinpoint when your condition started?

    Mine started after the twin towers incident in NY,God talked to me then also He was so loud that He damaged my hearing and knocked me down so I hit my head,also that's when I started hearing other peoples thoughts.
  10. R

    I feel lonely...

    I feel myself strong and lonely, I feel that I am not in the 'normal' world because I want to be with the steady state of mental health, I am not with my former partner. I get stuck in a world where I am just looking for something I have just happiens. I feel lonely, even in a crowded room. I...
  11. valleygirl

    Going Binge Free For 2018?

    I know for myself I can have all these great plans of no more binges and eating 100% clean, but when I get stressed/depressed/lonely etc. it's almost like I have to binge. The binge brings release from those painful emotions. I get to a point where all I can think about is wanting to binge...
  12. C

    Some advise

    Right I fell I may have aspgers but I dont know how to explain to the gp Dr keeps saying I have SED selective eating disorder anxiety depression The reason I fell I.may have this is after reviewing my life and looking into my self more deeper 1) I have selective eating disorder any other...
  13. 6

    my kids are so loud

    ...they are annoying me so much today. I love them and for the most part the noise is them playing and laughing. Some of it is LOUD complaining about getting school work done (we homeschool) BUT it seems SO much louder than normal. I am wondering if I am just tired and lonely (my hubby is...
  14. sneaky snek

    too much sound or light makes me leave my body

    This happens on a spectrum and isn't always super bad but when there's loud noises, either actually loud like powertools or just like a rowdy classroom, or fluorescent lights or basically any lights that i focus on wrong, everything shifts and I shut down. My body feels unreal and my...
  15. L

    anxiety related to my new neighbors

    HI everyone, I have been dealing with generalized anxiety disorder and depression for about three years now. I am on both Zoloft and Xanax. I had been doing really good for awhile but lately I have felt for down. There has been more pressure at work but I love my job so I don't mind as...
  16. valleygirl

    I can't take it anymore

    I can't live with all this crazy inside my head anymore. The anxiety is so loud inside my head. It's so fucking loud and I can't take it anymore.
  17. R

    Thinking out loud

    New to the forum. Speaking my internal monologue out loud when in high pressure social situations. Very embarrassing Anyone else do this?
  18. U

    Is my behaviour something everyone deals with or should i see a gp

    My husband recently started seeing a therapist and during one of their chats the therapist suggested i too should have a chat with him because of how my husband discribed my behavour and no it has me questioning wether my behaviour is 'normal' or something deeper. Sorry for the long post btw. So...
  19. K

    To the Psy Society.

    Sup.. This goes to those who believe they have some form of telepathic/psychic ability. 1. Have you ever had a conversation with somebody about hearing each other through telepathy. Face to Face. 2. Why do you personally believe it isn't tech, as in synthetic telepathy or something of that...
  20. M

    Phobia of loud noises

    I have fear of loud noises, like fireworks, firecrackers, popping balloons, and people who yell and shout!!! You I can resolve this phobia?