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  1. J

    A Realization I Had About Losing Touch With Reality

    Recently I've been going through some big relapses in my mental health. I have been engaging in old unproductive behaviors and been losing touch with reality (I constantly feel like I'm in a dream). I had gone off meds completely about a year and a half ago. I made some huge changed in my...
  2. A

    I have dominate control over my voices

    From being a voice hearer since I was little I've been through a lot. But everything is going great!
  3. F

    Erotomanic Delusions and Establishing Reality

    Hi everyone. 28.f, diagnosed with drug induced psychosis which was changed to paranoid schizophrenia after a period of sobriety and no dissipation of hallucinations and delusions. there was a lot of stress and emotional trauma that led to my first episode that seriously skewed my perception of...
  4. A

    Have I had undiagnosed psychosis for years?

    This lasted about 7 years, thereabouts, so I will be summarising the events as much as much as possible. And these will be in a random order as I have no idea where one started and the other ended. I look back on it now and it feels like a dream, like it wasn’t real. It’s crazy. Year 7 (age...
  5. A

    Fading out slowly.

    So some of you might remember I was posting here quite a lot a few months back. I've been hearing voices for about a year and half, not schizophrenic, more an extreme stress reaction....I'm quite ill physically, fibromyalgia, so spent too much time too isolated, taking strong pain medication or...
  6. M


    Hello, my name is Miles. I have been suffering with depression and anxiety for about a year and a half since a very intense break up with a long-term girlfriend, the circumstances of which have severely affected my self-esteem and motivation. Just thought I'd introduce myself and give you all...
  7. G

    Hello, I'm new here

    Hi, I'm new here and also to forums as a whole. I'm struggling a lot and thought I would take the plunge and join - thank you for accepting me!
  8. U

    Hey all, urgent 🙁

    Hi, I’ve just joined, I’ve posted a few things and I have a lot to say, but the most pressing thing is that I’m in a lot of debt and have been using payday loans to fund my self-medication of epilepsy, hypomania and PTSD (my wife almost died of an od)
  9. L

    Cruel summer: Constantly on the edge of losing control

    Hey, im new to this forum, this is my second post. Male, 27. Depressions, anxiety, horrible mindset, OCD-tendencies etc since i was 13. Im here to share my own experiences and also try to help and answer others. This summer has been gruesome. I am happy to still be alive now, even though im...
  10. K

    Need advice on depressed boyfriend

    Hi, New to the forum. I need advice on how to better deal with my boyfriends depression. I’ll just give a little backstory on the situation. We’ve been together for almost 5 years. I’m 26, he’s 32. He’s a very happy bubbly guy for the most part. Around 2 years ago, he started using cocaine very...
  11. K

    Psychotic depression and sports

    Hello, I am new on the forum. I have a question - does anyone have the following experience with antipsychotics: 1.) Coffee has no effect - it does not give you "energy" (even if you drink 20 at a time) 2.) The desire for physical activity completely disappeared (I was regularly active before...
  12. M

    Would welcome any thoughts, guidance and advice

    Hi, I am in a relationship with a truly wonderful man who also happens to suffer from General Anxiety Disorder (since his teens). I say that he is a truly wonderful person with conviction; I know that deep down he is kind, caring, loving with a tremendously big heart. However, when he is...
  13. C

    Sometimes I feel like shit

    Hi everyone, I am diagnosed with a depression for a couple of months now and I was on a right track. I use prozac right now and met a lot of new people during my vacation in Spain and Portugal. I went on my own for 4.5 weeks. I also met people who used the same medication as me and they...
  14. B

    Self Harm

    So I feel like my psychiatrist isn't really listening well to me when I talk about my suicidal feelings. I suffer from bipolar so honestly in any given moment I get this sudden sense of doom and just want to end my life. It's a horrible thought, my mind starts racing as to how I can just end it...
  15. S

    Social anxiety ruining my life

    I'm sure people post about this a lot but social anxiety has ruined my teenage years and now is ruining my adult life as well. I can't function like a normal person and it kills me. Something as simple as having a conversation with a stranger is nearly impossible for me at times. I can barely...
  16. K

    Does anyone wonder this?

    I have been suffering a lot from health anxiety lately. Does anyone ever wonder if you get anxiety attacks from symptoms or symptoms from an anxiety attack?
  17. B

    Abusive Ex/Child with Severe Anxiety

    Hello, I am just wondering if anyone can relate or offer advice for my situation. I was previously married to a very abusive and manipulative man. The line that he crossed that made me leave (which was almost impossible to do) was to hide cameras around the house, including the bathroom. I...
  18. D

    Do I have depression? I feel like I can't cope at the moment

    I hope I am posting in the right place, I am new to this site! I have gone through a breakup at the beginning of the year. And I feel like it's really made me face myself. Before I relied on my other half for a lot. I'm very insecure and have a lot of confidence issues. I have an iron deficiency...
  19. S

    Partner recently diagnosed with BPD

    Hi all - I have been in a relationship with my partner for 2 years. There has been a lot of turbulence and stress - we met when she was with a previous partner then we got together in a stressful living situation, had to leave abruptly due to a housemate that was impossible to live with and have...
  20. S

    I f***** up so hard

    So since I was struggling with quite a lot of issues I decided to break up with my partner bc I knew how much my behaviour was hurting her and how in my actual state I could not take care of a relationship. We were supposed to meet today to talk about it. We are from different towns so I have to...