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  1. S

    Looking for advice

    Hi guys, new to the forum so please be gentle. I'm hoping I can speak to someone who has been in a similar position to myself. I'm a 34 year old single male who lives alone. I have a lot of friends and a good family but I feel really alone and isolated a lot of the time. I've had a look at the...
  2. B


    New here nearly 60 years old have coped with a lot but it now seems to be getting on top of me have always thought you have to man up.
  3. M

    Travelling Australia, Cannot make decisions.. feeling depressed

    I flew out to Australia back in September. When I arrived, I met a bunch of new friends and we decided to travel together. We reached brisbane from Sydney and decided to stop there in October. After a few months, I was myself for the two months from October to December. My friends were away...
  4. I

    depression and social anxiety at university

    I've just started my second semester of my first year at university. I have a history of social anxiety and depression and all of my bouts of depression in the past have resulted from frustration of being unable to socialise with people and feeling left out. I moved away from home to go to...
  5. G

    Understanding adult children, frustrated with parents

    Its long but please read. It will be worth it! This is not a thread to shame anybody who is still a child inside in their adult years, rather the opposite. I feel like there are a lot of people who have grown up but haven't grown up. I am one of them. A few things to point out First and...
  6. R

    pretty sure i have DID

    hi. i've been fairly certain i have did since 2013 or so. on and off, i will occasionally "forget" about this; i'll ignore all my symptoms and go on trying to live a singular life. i guess i suppress it or something, or maybe something just takes the memories away for a time. but then i remember...
  7. Screechout

    New here (struggling with 2019 already)

    Hello so I've just signed up after a while of looking at this forum, thought i'd sign up myself. A bit of a backstory of myself I was diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder in the summer last year after several hospital admissions, I'm currently under a mental health team but...
  8. R

    I Hate My Family

    Honestly, I’m not sure what I’m looking for in writing here. Maybe just anyone to tell me I’m justified in how I feel, or any kind of commentary or analysis on why I am the way I am would be fine. So, where do I start? I hate my family. Always had a dysfunctional home. My Dad’s an alcoholic...
  9. G

    Yawning a lot during long intense conversations

    Yesterday I had a long interesting conversation with my older sister's boyfriend after dinner. I was anxious and moving around during the conversation because I'm not used to talking to people especially in person. I think he likes me and thinks I'm cool but I noticed after awhile I get urges to...
  10. P

    Need Addiction

    I think I've posted about this before. But I'm worried my safety blanket- alcohol- is getting to be too much. I spend a lot of money I don't have on it; I already have a spending problem, my wife does her best to control my finances but I don't always make it east... I spend a lot on...
  11. C

    99.9% of hallucinations are gone AMA

    I fell into psychotic depression in late April and since then, I've been on a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. Some of those big and small. I've learned a lot since then (still learning). Go ahead and ask me anything you want to know.
  12. qwerty1234

    I believe in telepathy but my father doesn't like me talking about it.

    I have been talking about it with my friends and my Dad thinks they are just humoring me. It lowers my self confidence a lot. I believe that the electronic waves emitted by the brain and picked up by EEG also affect human behavior, including our subconscious, and am interested in the idea...
  13. qwerty1234

    I talk too much for people

    I just don't follow norms... All my friends have jobs and they don't respond all the time because they are too busy, though they read my emails. I struggle between being myself and writing a lot, versus being polite or conforming.
  14. qwerty1234

    I bait people into getting mad at me

    I was scolded a lot by my father and put down a lot by my mother and it is some sort of self harm, anxiety pattern. Then at least I know what is going on.
  15. qwerty1234

    I psychoanalyze a lot and it leaves me feeling alone

    I am bpd and so I have a lot of emotions that I am always absorbed with trying to analyze. I also try to find deeper connections between things and so spend a lot of time thinking, from which I emerge ready to talk for hours or pages of email. I don't know other people who are like me, I want...
  16. I

    Feeling like I just exist in life & that I am not important to anyone!

    Feeling like I just exist in life & that I am not important to anyone! Hey everyone, I am a new member of this forum so here it goes.... On the face of everything, people who know me think I have an amazing life..... yet I can't shake this feeling of depression and loneliness. 26 years old...
  17. qwerty1234

    I need love

    It's so hard, I get hit on by my friend but he is one of the most stable and reliable people I know action wise. He is respectful and it is just his intrusive advances that bother me. He also has other problems, some ego and pride and a lot of emotion and can be a little vulgar and nosy. But...
  18. qwerty1234

    Work rant

    My work is sophisticated and takes a lot of thinking, so I do it in bursts. I have finished about 2/3 of a small but careful project and don't feel as rewarded or grateful as I think i should. I like external validation a lot and I think that may be part of the reason. I also experience a...
  19. E

    Crippled with anxiety while trying to make a normal living for my fami

    Hello there, im 23 years old, i will try to make a story shorter here about my current struggles. I come from a relativly financialy ustable country and last year i decided to move to another country with more stable economy in order to try and make a better living for me and my girlfriend and...
  20. M

    Writer, fresh out of the hospital, working on my PTSD

    Hi. I'm Matt. I live in the states, formerly someone working in the mental health field in department of corrections. Currently a Lyft driver, struggling author (I've published several books with moderate success, but nothing that allows me to continue it as a full time gig), looking for work to...