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  1. InfiniteRectangles

    Fear of Losing Everything I Own

    So, I love to read. And I have A LOT of books. And those books are very important to me. I also have a bunch of sentimental junk (I'm a bit of a hoarder. I have trouble throwing stuff away). Anyway, sometimes I get this intense fear of losing all of that in a fire or a flood or something. When...
  2. T

    I don't know what to do

    I made a disclosure a few weeks ago and now police are involved when I never wanted them to be. I feel like I'm losing control and on the verge of a panic attack. I'm afraid of the fall out and having to tell people that I've said something. I'm afraid of losing people I love to this and I don't...
  3. L

    Nervous tension around most of the time

    I'm lost. Had anxiety for 3 years then started collecting labels on my road to 'recovery'- yeah right. Now have GAD, PD, PTSD, depression and possible psychosis. I'm struggling with codeine addiction to top it all off. I've taken too many diazepam in the past so now dr will give me 7 per month...
  4. B

    Losing my mind

    Retracted post. Good luck all.
  5. M

    Losing hope

    I am writing in search for treatment for my niece. She is 21 and has suffered from depression since jr. high. She self harms physically, using drugs, and involving herself in a dangerous and abusive relationship. She attempted suicide by overdose when she was 14. She has no self worth. She goes...
  6. G

    Fear of losing a loved one

    For the past 7 weeks I have suffered depression and anxiety since finding out my husband has some problem with his heart. He had heart attack 14 years ago but was mild. But recently found a problem with it so having tests . We also have a son and 2 daughters who have had issues with health. Son...
  7. R

    First steps to a better life?

    First of all thank you to anyone who reads or replies to this message. It takes a lot of dedication to spend time replying to people in the darker times of their lives. On a lighter note this is my first post outside the depression forum, which must be a step in the right direction... Right...
  8. R

    Losing Hope

    Hello everyone, I joined this forum because I’m losing hope in life. I have no desire for daily living and have completely lost interest in my self. I am feeling very depressed. You would think my life is all together but it’s not even close. I have a great career where I cater to others for...
  9. M

    Really Scared of Losing Skin's Glow

    I am really really afraid of losing my skin's radiance, which is by far the only thing I've been always complimented on and approached for I guess. I live in a culture (Pakistan) where dark skin is looked down upon for marriage and romantic relationship, and perhaps hence, I am really scared of...
  10. Kerome

    Buddhism and not having a soul

    One of the Buddhist doctrines, anatta, states that we have no soul. That we are merely a stream of interconnected events and mind states moving from the past to the future. This doesn’t mean that there is no afterlife, merely that there is no permanent ‘i’ to experience it. So we don’t need to...
  11. T

    Afraid to Go Out

    I feel very alone. I have a difficult time maintaining friends because I am afraid to leave my home whether its because afraid that I wont be able to maintain a conversation, or because I'll walk past strangers who may confront me. Does anyone on here have any skills or coping mechanisms that...
  12. M

    Losing a grip

    I feel like I'm losing my grip in sanity. I'm having such a hard time accepting an anxiety diagnosis. Each day, I feel like I'm slipping into weirder and weirder delusion thoughts that last munutes. I'm still aware they are false nit it scares me. Like seriously delusional thoughts. Can...
  13. Zardos

    Six Month Sentence

    Saw my shrink this week... He gave me another six months.. i don't know weather to laugh or cry... I'm so alone now.. My wife and daughter have given me up completely and contact with my son is intermittent... I'm surviving on Coka Cola and prawn cocktail flavor crisps... My sleeping is all over...
  14. D

    Losing my mind?

    I'm really struggling to cope lately, I've been dealing with major depression since I was 17 but I'm beginning to think that it's not just depression. My moods are switching throughout the day, going from low to suicidal to extremely angry. The slightest thing will send me into a rage, I feel...
  15. L

    Hello, i am new

    Hello, I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder with a bit of OCD and generalized anxiety. I also used to harm myself, but that was years ago. But the problem I am having now is depression, coming on from losing my job in January. I want to get better, and I had a great day today, but I am...
  16. naominash

    Am I a Bad Wife?

    At age 20, almost two years ago, I got married to my husband. Since then I've had regrets on how soon I got married, desires to still date around, and during episodes, full blown crushes on other people. I have no plans to leave my husband. In fact, I love him very much and am happy with our...
  17. Kerome

    The Dark Night of the Soul

    So in meditation - on one of the rare cases recently when I was quiet enough to actually meditate - it came to me that the contents of my psychosis are self created, that in effect this confrontation with my fears is a kind of Dark Night of the Soul, a series of purgations and trials that one...
  18. Kerome

    A trip through my fears

    It is said by the wise that all fears are a form of fear of dying. For very many things this is true... if you imagine jumping from a great height like so That is a form of a fear of death. After all what awaits at the end of a great fall like that? But ultimately if you believe in being...
  19. L

    losing my soul mate to cancer

    Please please please help me!! My mum has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and as a family we are devastated! The thought of losing my mum to this bullshit disease is soul destroying!! In the past I have suffered horrendously with depression and my mum is the one that has pulled me out...
  20. P

    Things aren't getting better.. over dosing thoughts

    So things seem to be getting worse. I received a letter yesterday to say the cmht won't be accepting my referral from my therapist as they think I should continue with the 4 more sessions of counselling and then 'intensive cbt'. I am gutted. At first I didn't want to be referred but then I...